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Raffaella Carrà, Chiambretti: “We quarreled, but she didn’t bear a grudge”


“Raffaella Carrà was like an electricity company: it transmitted energy”. The fate of Piero Chiambretti crossed several times with that of Raffaella Carrà. All memorable. There is the Sanremo that should have led with her, then vanished. “And another where I didn’t have to be and instead I became his companion in adventure”, the presenter tells the ‘Corriere della Sera’. “It happened in his 2001 Festival: I was invited to the jury then, with the complicity of Japino, I invented a space in which I invited neo-melodic singers to present – at the same time as the Raffaella Festival – that of the Neapolitan song”. Chiambretti explains that he knew nothing, “but after a first slip it became a fixed appointment: I was counted among the hosts of the Festival”. Raffaella “reacted with laughter that always took her away from embarrassment. She was a great artist, it was clear that she was born to do this job, she couldn’t do anything else. She had such a passion that work was never a burden but a pleasure . I also had a fight … “. When? “We presented an evening of Rai programming in Cannes. I was young and a bit exuberant and there I made a lot of jokes, I went out of business. There was a moment of tension but a week later he called me, saying:” I understand why you are behaved like this: you were worried. “I told her it was true even though it wasn’t.” He was not a grudge person, “in thirty years I have worked on it a few times and all of them have been magical. Our fil rouge was Boncompagni, with whom we had a certain irony in common. But Raffaella’s peculiarity was the incredible energy “.” When one becomes an icon – still says Chiambretti – there is a light that is typical. You are one of the few people who have successfully navigated 40-50 years of show business history. she performed: you could feel it when she met people. Her greatness was that she was always herself “. His illness “was a sad surprise that left us disconcerted: not talking about his illness shows, as has been said, the affection for his audience that he did not want to see suffer”. A new Raffaella Carrà does not exist. “The so-called star factory today looks for different things. She was a complete artist. She is unique: there will be only one of Raffaella Carrà”.



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