Carrà, Fabio Fazio: “Disoriented, lost point of reference”

“I’m very upset, disoriented. Like when you lose a point of reference: that’s how I feel.” These are the words with which Fabio Fazio describes his emotions at Adnkronos on the day of Raffaella Carrà’s death. “A point of reference – continues Fazio – which in my case is also a historical point of reference, because it coincides with the first day of television, the beginning of my career”. The conductor’s reference is at his debut on TV, just 18 years old, when he participated in Raffaella’s program ‘A story begins you’. “I am lost and also very sad – says Fazio – because we did not talk often but frequently with Raffaella, and it has always been a very affectionate and sincere relationship, of great kindness, as her appearances to me in recent years, in Sanremo, prove. and ‘What’s the weather like’. I’m confused, because it seems like something that never seemed to happen. “With her” we used to have surprises. and I said to her ok, I don’t tell you anything about what I do -Fazio remembers- Once we had all the guests in the studio put on a blonde wig, and I remember her resounding laugh seeing them. I have of her: we did things to please each other “, is the delicate thought of the conductor.

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