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Raffaella Carrà, with the ‘Tuca tuca’ in 1971 scandalized and seduced Italy


“Tuca, Tuca, Tuca … I invented it / To be able to tell you / I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you …” With the ‘Tuca tuca “in 1971, during” Canzonissima “, the popular program on Saturday night of Rai in black and white, Raffaella Carrà, who died today at the age of 78, scandalized and seduced Italy with a winking and transgressive song for the rules of public TV of the time. singing and dancing the “Tuca tuca” it was necessary to bring in the great actor Alberto Sordi, who with his irony played down those sexy moves that had aroused so much clamor and moved the censors. The song “Tuca-tuca” was written by Gianni Buoncompagni , Raffaella’s pygmalion, and by Franco Pisano. The choreographer Don Lurio conceived a dance for two which consisted of touching first the knees, then the hips, then the shoulders, then the forehead of the other. Raffaella performed it for the first time with the dancer Enzo Paolo Turchi.



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