Morgan plays Morgan on the set of Verdone: “ In the film my unreleased track on ghosting ”

Morgan plays Morgan in ‘Vita da Carlo’, the new comedy TV series about the life of Carlo Verdone, aired in October on Amazon Prime Video and directed and produced by Aurelio and Luigi De Laurentiis for Filmauro. Ten episodes in which the director and actor plays himself with many cameos from friends. Among these Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan, who for the tvmovie has also composed an unreleased track on ghosting entitled ‘Ulysses’, inspired by his legal case (the complaint for stalking and defamation by his former partner, the musician Angelica Schiatti , ed). “De Laurentiis telephoned me from America to propose to participate in the film – Morgan tells Adnkronos – it was not the first time he had contacted me, he had already done so for ‘Manual of love 3’ with Robert De Niro where they inserted my song ‘Altrove’. I already knew Carlo (Verdone, ed), we have always shared the same musical passions and he left me carte blanche both in terms of lyrics and music. When they sent me the script of the film I changed everything and I also wrote an unreleased song entitled ‘Ulysses’, inspired by my personal events and what I’m experiencing at the moment. For me it was liberating ”, he confesses. On his part in ‘Vita da Carlo’ Morgan says: ” The set was in Rome in a convent where there is a large church that has a crazy organ, one of the largest in the world – continues the singer – when I entered the convent I also took the opportunity to go to confess. On the set they made me do a pred ica improvised in which I had to interpret the parable of the servant healed by Jesus. Verdone asked me to explain what this evangelical parable meant for me so I found myself on the altar as if I were a priest giving a sermon in front of an audience of extras of monks who acted as spectators ”. In the TV series Morgan explains what the Gospel parable means to him ” of the Roman centurion – continues the singer – The centurion has a servant who is ill and since he has heard that Jesus is one who knows how to heal even from a distance, he sends his envoys from Christ to heal his slave. As soon as Christ meets them he explains to them that the slave is already healed. The meaning of this parable therefore is that the word managed to heal the slave. ” “In ‘Vita da Carlo’ then – says Morgan – I am also the spokesperson for a very serious problem which is that of ghosting and that is the silencing which is what I am undergoing in the first person. ” According to the singer ” i politicians should make a law on ghosting because it causes not only psychic but physical damage. ” Morgan reveals some anecdotes about the experience he lived on the set: “Carlo (Verdone, ed) is a very calm person, instills great confidence and knows a lot well what he wants and what he is doing. He manages to keep up the film machine which is very complicated and is made up of a lot of people. Just the slightest mistake is enough to blow everything up. Acting with Verdone taught me a lot, he is the Totò of our time, he is great ”, he concludes. (By Alisa Toaff)

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