NewsEntertainmentLino Banfi: "Cheering for Berlusconi at the Quirinale"

Lino Banfi: “Cheering for Berlusconi at the Quirinale”


“If Silvio Berlusconi became President of the Republic it would be wonderful”. So Lino Banfi entrusts Adnkronos with his presidential wishes to Silvio Berlusconi. “I read in the newspapers about this possibility and I would be really happy but I will ask him in person in a few days, because every year, for forty years, on 11 July which is my birthday, he calls me and says’ best wishes old ‘, because I was born a little more than two months before him. We are both almost 85 years old. And on July 11 I will also encourage him because I know that if he went to the Quirinale he would have near a man who is the synthesis, the embodiment of mediation , which is Gianni Letta “. “And then, speaking pro domo mia – jokes Banfi – with Berlusconi at the Quirinale who knows that another honor will not be invented: I have already been appointed Knight of the Grand Cross, which is the highest rank of the knights of the Republic. So they should coin it. a new one, like the Grandfather of Italy or the Quirinale coach, so I recommend the modules he must use, whether the 5-5-5 or the bi-zone – he adds, citing the ‘technical solutions’ of his cult character Oronzo Canà – to face with serenity all the problems that a guarantor of the Constitution has to face “, concludes the Apulian actor.



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