NewsEntertainmentDavid Donatello 2021, Mattarella: "Ceremony a sign of hope"

David Donatello 2021, Mattarella: “Ceremony a sign of hope”


“Last year, due to the pandemic, it was not possible to carry out this ceremony. This year carrying it out, albeit in a reduced form compared to previous editions, represents a sign of renewal, of hope”. Thus the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of the ceremony at the Quirinale for the presentation of the candidates for the “David di Donatello” Awards for the year 2021 “Live entertainment is among the sectors most affected by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic” “beyond the significant interventions of the Government to support the sector. This is an economic and cultural impoverishment, the latter not compensable, which cannot last long, because cinema, theater, music, dance, in a word, art are not additional elements of social life – beautiful, high, comforting – which one can do without in the face of more serious and urgent problems: on the contrary, they constitute an indispensable part of it “, said the head of state. “The pandemic – he added – has forced us to close the doors of cinemas and theaters, as in the dark periods of human history: when the stages and sets are empty, when the orchestras are silent and no one dances”. death of Ennio Moricone, Franca Valeri and Gigi Proietti “made the period of the pandemic even more sad – said Mattarella – are fully part of the artistic history, of the cultural heritage of our country: they will not be forgotten, it would not be possible. If they were still with us, they would encourage everyone to find, in the lights that emerge in the contrast to Covid, the strength and determination to move forward, to start over, to start the projects left in the drawer, to return the extraordinary workers to work, the multiple professionalism that make this sector not only a tip of our culture and its artistic expression, but also an important industry for Italy “.” To defeat the virus we will still need prudence and responsibility in our behavior: we cannot nullify the sacrifices accomplished, also for the respect we owe to the many dead, to the many sufferings endured. Alongside responsibility, however, determination and initiative will also be needed, it will also be necessary to have the courage of projects and achievements that help to develop innovation and quality together, which lead to the improvement of what must be considered obsolete, defective, restraining “, said the head of state, adding: “From serious crises, such as the one we are going through, we can only emerge with solidarity, with vision, with a sense of belonging to a common history”.

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