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Stallone turns 75, Rocky doesn’t give up


It’s still Rocky Balboa. Strong, dynamic, ready for the challenge. Rambo, the fearless hero willing to do anything to win, always remains in the imagination of his fans. The image of Sylvester Stallone is closely linked to the characters he played and who made him famous. And now, one step away from his 75 years, which he will turn on July 6, he continues to show himself in full strength: indomitable, just a month ago, in a video posted on social media he was filmed while lifting 40 kilos during a workout . In short, nothing seems to affect the actor and director who somehow ‘defended’ a certain idea of ​​the United States in his films. Like when, in the fourth episode of the successful series of the Italian-American boxer Rocky Balboa, he imagined a clash between the two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. In the film Rocky does not hesitate to defend his flag and his ideals by confronting the Soviet Ivan Drago. And in the memorable moment, which precedes the first gong, he holds his glacial gaze. Still and impassive, Rocky remains motionless when the opponent, in the midst of the Cold War, tries to intimidate him with the unforgettable phrase “I split you in two”. Born on July 6, 1946, in Hell’s Kitchen, an area of ​​Manhattan (New York), to Frank Stallone, an American barber son of Italian immigrants and Jacqueline Labofish, an American astrologer daughter of a Ukrainian Jew, Stallone does not have a childhood easy. He gets around a thousand jobs, such as the hairdresser and the attendant at the Central Park Zoo. Only in 1970 he gets his first leading role playing in the film ‘Escape without escape’ where he plays the role of a student leader who joins a group of terrorists to organize an attack. A role that comes after he played a main part in the soft porn ‘Italian Stallion – Porno forbidden (The party at Kitty and Stud’s). In 1972 he participates, unsuccessfully, in an audition to act in Francis Ford Coppola’s film ‘The Godfather’, but the great success comes with the two characters to whom his fame is still linked: Rocky Balboa, whose saga begins in 1976 and Rambo since 1982. Characters who come from below and who, leveraging their skills and strength, manage to take their revenge against a closed society that did not accept them. Memorable, in this regard, are the techniques adopted by Balboa to train, who grew up in the slums of Philadelphia, who almost always practices alone, often in the first light of day. Made in just 28 days of shooting, with a budget of 1.1 million dollars, ‘Rocky’ hits the box office with a gross of 225 million dollars. A success fueled also by the other great trend, that of Rambo, which paves the way for Stallone to numerous action films, including ‘Cobra’ (1986), ‘Over the top’ (1987) and ‘Supervisor special’ ( 1989). After having measured himself with comedy in the early 90s, taking part in the ‘Oscar – A boyfriend for two daughters (1991) remake of’ Me, two daughters, three suitcases’ from 1967, he returns to the films of action and in 1997 he starred in the crime drama ‘Cop Land’. Instead, the return to Rocky dates back to 2006 in the sixth film he writes, directs and interprets. As well as February 22, 2008, the fourth installment of the series by the former Green Beret, John Rambo, is released, which he co-wrote, directed and starred in. Present in the ‘Hollywood Walk of fame’ in Los Angeles since 1984, Stallone after meeting the celebrities did not have an easy life so much that in 2012 she mourned the death of her young son Sage, born of his first marriage and passed away at just 36 years old. Stallone’s long career has continued in recent years: in 2015 he reprises the role of Rocky Balboa in the film ‘Creed – Born to Fight’ thanks to which he wins the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. The film is the spin-off of the Rocky saga, the story of which takes place nine years after the events of Rocky Balboa, the sixth film in the series created by Stallone himself. Film that will have a sequel in 2018 with ‘Creed II’. And in 2019 Stallone also dusted off his other great hero, Rambo, with ‘Last Blood’. The film is the fifth chapter of the John Rambo film saga, which began in 1982. The title of the film is a reference to the original title of the novel ‘First Blood’ from which the first Rambo was adapted. And just in May 2019, presenting the preview of ‘Last Blood’ at Cannes, Sly revealed a tasty anecdote about the Balboa saga: he still owns the two turtles from Rocky’s first film (1976), which are now 57 years old. “They’re the size of a chair,” Stallone joked. “I think we should do another Rocky: everyone is dead except the turtles, my only friends,” she added, laughing. To then give further news on another of his cult characters: ‘Cobra’ (1986) could return, “as a streaming TV series”.



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