Paolo Villaggio, 4 years ago the farewell: the homage to Rome

Four years after the death of Paolo Villaggio, tributes to the actor and writer who died on 3 July 2017 are multiplying. Also because 2021 also marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the first novel dedicated to ‘Fantozzi’. On social media, the Premio Strega Sandro Veronesi praises his less celebrated literary talents than his cinematographic ones: “That Paolo Villaggio, who died four years ago, was also a great writer, went unnoticed. But he was”, Veronesi writes. And the actor Luca Bizzari comments: “His books are incredibly hard. Great.” Meanwhile, today Rome pays tribute to the two anniversaries with two appointments: this morning in the Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio the Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi intervenes at the presentation of the tribute together with the daughter of the actor and writer, Elisabetta Villaggio. And tonight, as part of the White Nights of cinema, the Adriano cinema in Rome will host the “Maratona Fantozzi”. The initiative, organized by Daniele Liburdi and Massimo Mescia of Volume Entertainment and Ivan Tamburrini of the Aci partner, will be presented at 9pm at the Casa del Cinema by Laura Delli Colli together with director and film critic Mario Sesti. Among the guests there will be the Villaggio family but also many artists, friends and travel companions of the actor, including Neri Parenti, Ricky Tognazzi, Ezio Greggio, the producer of many films with Villaggio, Bruno Altissimi, the comedian and TV author Saverio Raimondo, the famous cinematographic stunt double of Villaggio, Clemente Ukmar and also the interpreter of the unforgettable Contessina Serbelloni Mazzanti Vien Dal Mare, Elena Tricoli. Then, from 11.30 pm, the long marathon of the films of the saga will start: ‘Fantozzi’, ‘The second tragic Fantozzi’, ‘Fantozzi against all’, ‘Fantozzi suffers again’ and the docufilm ‘The voice of Fantozzi’ with the last interpretation by Paolo Villaggio The Fantozzi Marathon (which also involves many other cinemas in Italy) is only the first of a series of events that will be dedicated to the actor and writer this year. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the first publication of the novel Fantozzi, a literary character even before being a film success, the Villaggio family with some partners has launched the project ‘Clamorously Villaggio!’, A journey into the life and career of Paolo Villaggio. An all-round artist, versatile, counter-current, revolutionary, who has marked not only the world of entertainment, but also the customs of our country, leaving us a desecrating portrait of Italy and of the Italians in which many have recognized themselves. special events and appointments, enriched by testimonials and unpublished materials, ‘Clamorously Village!’ in the two-year period 2021-2022 it will be a polyphonic experience that will accompany the public into the fantastic world of an intellectual and an artist who, under the guise of a clown, in the highest meaning of the term, has indelibly marked our last fifty years of history.

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