• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Giorgio Fanfani: “Hands off my father, that auction is not his legacy”


May 11, 2021

“Hands off my father. I ask the Bertolami auction house, also on behalf of my brothers and sisters, to rectify the title of the appointment scheduled for June 11. It is not, in fact, the ‘inheritance’ of our father, if anything, of his second wife, Maria Pia Tavazzani. My father lived only a few hours before his death in the apartment on Corso Rinascimento in Rome, from which the hundreds of works for sale come from. The family home, in via Platone, it was in fact destroyed by a fire in 1999 “. This is what Giorgio Fanfani, son of the politician and historical leader of the DC, specified to the Adnkronos on the Roman auction ‘dedicated’ to his father. A rich catalog of objects, antique furniture, mirrors and precious furnishings, paintings, prints, lithographs painted by Amintore Fanfani, but also Fiume, Giò Pomodoro, Fazzini, Montanarini, Greco, Capogrossi, Ceroli and Mirò, Sébastian Matta alongside some Russian icons , of which Amintore Fanfani was an admirer and collector, to a series of works on papers from ’47 with the ‘sculpted’ faces of Einaudi, Gonnella, De Michelis, De Gaspari, Segni, Merlin, Sforza and a part of the second lady’s wardrobe Fanfani made by great fashion houses and couturiers not only Italian, including Valentino, Fendi, Mila Shon, Hermes, Armani, Lancetti. There is also the purple and pink dress with shoes and veil worn for Lady Diana’s wedding to the Prince of Wales. Giorgio Fanfani explained: “I repeat, it is the inheritance of my father’s second wife, who died in Rome on November 7, 2019, left to her son Mario Vecchi. Writing ‘Fanfani inheritance’ by Bertolami Fine Art is only a decoy, a trick to perhaps attract buyers. My father died on November 20, 1999, it is an auction carried out 22 years later, a year and a half after the death of Maria Pia Tavazzani Fanfani. doubt – he concluded – We forcefully ask the Bertolami auction house for a clarification. And I like to point out and remember that no one, absolutely none of Amintore Fanfani’s children is selling anything. The only legacy that our father left us is moral”.