Sicily sings its roots and opens its arms to the world, it’s Alessio Bondì with ‘Maharìa’

Singing as a form of being. Transfusing the world of sound, something else, in one’s own language, the one spoken when emotions occupy all the space. It is Alessio Bondì who succeeds in this witchcraft with his album, ‘Maharìa’, all in Sicilian. An enchantment of sounds and words with attention to detail that Bondì’s voice amalgamates with intensity and truth, moving naturally from folk to Brazilian, from soul to pop. It is no coincidence that ‘Maharìa’ means spell, like the one that sometimes leads to falling in love. Not only what the artist tells through many of his songs, but also what one can easily fall into as his music goes. Poetic and light look, childish joy, sadness, loneliness, a feeling of not being understood. ‘Maharia’ is all of this; takes you into the life of Alessio Bondì without being avoided. In the days, in the moments that have sown the seed of his songs. The great richness of sounds, the naturalness of a song that is expressed with strong originality soothe the pain of the stereotyped lives to which we are so often called. And Sicilian no longer seems to be the dialect of those born on the island but the perfect language for this journey on the edge of life, the great life of all of us. Alessio Bondì remains in the ears, makes room in the mind. And the walls of Naples, Rome, Florence and Bologna tell it well. There are some of the phrases of his songs that are making the tour of Italy, as the tour approaches: the first date is July 21 at Villa Spada in the city of Bologna, July 22 at the Ride in Milan, July 23 at the ‘Off Topic in Turin, on 24 July at Largo Venue, a space dedicated to entertainment in the capital, on 25 July in the Cerillo Park in the municipality of Bacoli in Naples, on 29 July at Il Fienile di Musica Distesa in Cupramontana, in the province of Ancona , on 9 August at the Retronouveau in Messina; on 6 September the Chiostro della Gam for Palermo Classica in the Sicilian capital with the Tatum Art Orchestra. Here, I have listed them all: Sicilian singer-songwriter born in 1988, De Andrè award 2013 and Targa Siae at the Parodi Award 2014, Alessio Bondì in this project had at his side Federico Mordino (percussion), Alfonso Vella (sax), Marilena Sangiorgi (flute ), Francesco Incandela and Nastassja Boris (violins), Maria Adelaide Filippone (viola) and Giuseppe D’Amato (cello). While the making of the album was supported by Mic and Siae as part of the ‘For those who create’ initiative. Produced, recorded and mixed by Fabio Rizzo at Indigo Studios, in Palermo, ‘Maharìa’ was mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà. Now you know … almost everything. (by Veronica Marino)

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