Music, Giuseppe Verdi’s ‘Aroldo’ returns to the Galli in Rimini

‘Aroldo’, the opera composed by Giuseppe Verdi in 1857 for the inauguration of the theater returns to the Galli di Rimini. It was staged on August 16 when construction work on the building designed by architect Luigi Poletti for the city of Rimini had just been completed. Among the many operas written by Verdi during his life for the most important Italian and foreign theaters – Milan, Venice, Paris, Rome, London St. Petersburg – Aroldo is the only opera that has made its debut on the stage of a theater of the Emilia Romagna, and the only one written expressly for the inauguration of a new theater in Italy. A short distance from the reopening of the Galli Theater, the new production of Aroldo takes on a strong symbolic meaning, realized in collaboration with the theaters of the region, the Alighieri Theater of Ravenna, the Municipal Theater of Luciano Pavarotti of Modena, the Municipal Theater of Piacenza and with the Galli Theater to do as leader. Debut on 27 August 2021 and rerun on 29, at 9 pm, for the new awaited staging of Verdi’s melodrama. To highlight the Rimini debut of Aroldo, this new production will involve important artists from the city – starting with the director Manlio Benzi on the podium of the Luigi Cherubini Orchestra and of the Choir of the Municipal Theater of Piacenza, directed by Corrado Casati, and by the set designer Edoardo Sanchi, who signs with Emilio Sala the direction and dramaturgy of a show that in its conception also intends to reflect the history of the theater For Aroldo – an extensive remake of the Stiffelio withdrawn due to censorship problems – Verdi had been able to count on the presence on the podium of Angelo Mariani, who was immediately enthusiastic. “The rehearsals at Piano Forte go well – he wrote to the publisher Ricordi – and with Verdi we exchange the effort with each other. I will immediately begin the orchestral rehearsals to gain time. So far the new music of that ‘ I like Aroldo very much. Last night we did the first rehearsal in the orchestra with the singers and choirs: it went beautifully and without interruption from beginning to end “. And he wrote to the publisher Ricordi again:” Verdi was fully satisfied with my orchestra. Aroldo is perhaps one of Verdi’s most beautiful works, it contains pieces of a very certain effect. The fourth act which is all new, is a wonderful thing, you find a storm in it with Pastoral Choir and an Angelo Dei treatise in the canon of an invoice. very happy”. After the performance Mariani wrote: “The Aroldo made a furore, there was no piece that was not applauded, the Maestro was called countless times on the stage. He is delighted”. “The ‘miracle” in the Aroldo is that of empathy and mutual understanding which, after the traumatic separation and an apparently incurable rupture, brings back a sense of hope on the wave of which we wanted to tell not only one of the most beautiful operas by Verdi, but also another miraculous event, the reconstruction of the Rimini theater “. With these words Emilio Sala exposes the conceptual framework of an interpretation that has become a sort of collective work in which both the musical and the directorial work have shared the same dramaturgical needs from the beginning. Maestro Manlio Benzi adds: “I like to make up for myself. to the words of Emilio and to underline the character of possible reconciliation that the work carries within: for us who have worked on it together it has been from the beginning the reconciliation of music with drama, inextricably rethought together, waiting for it to be reconciliation of a theater and its history with the community that gathers around it “. In the team involved in the staging, Isa Traversi takes care of the scenic movements, Giulia Bruschi the sets, Elisa Serpilli the costumes, Nevio Cavina the lights, Matteo Castiglioni the videos and projections. On stage young and already established singers, Antonio Corianò (Aroldo) Lidia Fridman (Mina) Michele Govi ​​(Egberto) Adriano Gramigni (Briano), Cristiano Olivieri (Govino). The Aroldo opera will be broadcast live on the Opera Streaming platform, a project of the Emilia Romagna Region.

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