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A romantic evening is the one that Rai1 will propose tomorrow at 21.25, with Neill Fearnley’s first-run TV film “Love never divorces” with Jill Wagner, Colin Egglesfield, Daniel Bacon, Bill Dow. Annie get married in secret, but Annie’s father has the wedding canceled. After 15 years, Ben and Annie have now lost touch and both are about to get married again, but due to a procedural error they discover that their youth marriage has never been canceled and, in fact, they are still husband and wife. Television gala for the XIV edition of the International Short Film Festival “Black silk tulips”, from the Golden Theater in Rome with the announcement of the absolute winners, on Rai2, tomorrow at 00.15, with Pino Insegno and Elena Ballerini. The delivery of the prizes will alternate with moments of entertainment, with the performance of the singer-songwriter Bungaro, the South African performer Nicole Magolie and the illusions created by Gabriele Gentile. The event promotes the work of authors from Italy and abroad who, through images, represent not the simple story of a diversity, but the very essence of diversity and fragility, of people and places, enhancing their multiple aspects and expressing them through the art of cinema, which has always given voice to the struggles for ecology and marginalization, with thoughts, opinions and feelings. During the evening the awards will be given for: Best Short, Best VideoClip and Best Documentary, in addition to the Special Mention for the Best Film and the Special Mention for the Best Fiction. The overall winners of the various sections were designated by the specialized Juries, where names such as Grazia Di Michele, Mimmo Calopreste, Rossella Izzo, Giulio Base and the master Vince Tempera stand out. The fil rouge of the 2021 edition is the story of the fragility for the ecological and social transition, which is able to protect and include everyone. This year, in fact, during the television evening the “Different Smile” award will be given to people who have particularly distinguished themselves in the social field. Great expectations also for the International Tulipani di Seta Nera Award, awarded to the work that most strongly embodied the values ​​of diversity and inclusion promoted by the event on the big screen, which in this edition found record numbers: 401,217 total views on Rai Cinema Channel platform, 85,000 contacts reached with posts and videos on the Festival’s Facebook page, 16,300 interactions and 7,700 views of the finalist works in just 4 days of public screenings. The Festival is chaired by Diego Righini and organized by the Social Promotion Association “Università Cerca Lavoro”, based on an idea by Paola Tassone (artistic director of the Festival). It is 98 AD On the death of the elderly Nerva, who adopted him for two years first, Marcus Ulpius Trajan becomes emperor. Professor Francesca Cenerini and Paolo Mieli tell about it on “Past and present” broadcast tomorrow at 1.15pm on Rai3 and at 8.30pm on Rai Storia. Born in modern-day Andalusia, he is a much loved general who, already under Domitian, distinguished himself for value and strategic skills. His figure symbolizes the return to the ancient Roman model of simplicity and obedience, so much so that the senate confers on him the honorary title of optimus princeps. Trajan reforms justice, limits the tax burden and adopts an expansionist policy. In 101 he undertook the first of two military campaigns against the Dacia of King Decebalus, today’s Romania. The exploits of that war, which ended 5 years later with the Roman victory and the suicide of Decebalus, are celebrated by the bas-reliefs of the Trajan’s column, where we can still read them, as on an ancient storyboard. Having become a Roman province, Dacia gave Trajan the gold needed to build countless public works throughout the Empire. With Trajan, the Empire reaches its maximum expansion and lives its golden age. On Rai4 comes “The land of children” From a successful graphic novel, written and drawn by Gipi, comes “The land of children”, the transposition film directed by Claudio Cupellini. “Wonderland” will explore the themes and suggestions of this minimalist apocalypse together with the director of the film, due out in cinemas on 1 July, in the episode broadcast tomorrow, at 11.10 pm, on Rai4 (channel 21 of digital terrestrial), the latest of this season before the August special with the shorts of La Guarimba Film Festival. After some comedies, Cupellini expresses his noir soul in 2010 with the crime “A quiet life”, starring Toni Servillo and Marco D’Amore and soon in prime time on Rai4, before establishing himself with Gomorra – La serie, of which directs numerous episodes. “The land of children” is his third feature film, after the drama “Alaska”, and tells of a barbaric society that inhabits a land destroyed and desolate following a mysterious environmental catastrophe. The key is the father-child relationship and the weight of an uncomfortable legacy. Wonderland will then dedicate the CULT cover to a different vision of the future with the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Rai program “Verso il 2000”, broadcast on Rai2 since 1981 and dedicated to discoveries in the medical and scientific fields, with insights and curiosities for anticipate the future society. Space also for music with the SOUND INVADERS column, to explore the fruitful collaboration between the visionary talent of director David Lynch and the musician Donovan, from which the video clip for the single “I am Shaman” was born, which combines Lynchian black and white with the meditative sounds of the Scottish singer-songwriter. Finally, the last appointment with “Il giallo e la nera”, the column dedicated to crime news, which for this appointment will address the curious case of the “Bitter crime” that thrilled Italy in 1962 when the fifty-three year old Tranquillo Allevi died poisoned by a complimentary drink received by mail. Il Giallo e la Nera will return every Saturday from 10 July to tell, in the company of Massimo Carlotto, Giancarlo De Cataldo, Marcello Fois, Diego De Silva and Giampaolo Simi, the Rai4 Italian Crime Stories cycle. the destination of “Brian Johnson, a life on the road”, broadcast tomorrow at 11.15pm in first viewing on Rai5. Here, in the well-known pub “The Porterhouse”, the singer of AC / DC meets his old friend Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, between anecdotes and unpublished memories about a band with a tumultuous history. A dialogue full of “rock” ideas that entered the collective imagination of metal lovers. The Korean War (1950-53) marked the affirmation of Communist China among the great world powers and contributed to creating geopolitical balances in the Far East we still have to deal with today. The battle of the Chosin basin (27 November – 11 December 1950) – narrated by the two-part documentary broadcast tomorrow from 21.10 on Rai Storia – was one of the decisive moments of the conflict, as well as the most violent clash between Chinese and American troops of the history. The military historian Gastone Breccia introduced and contextualized the topic. Between 1950 and 1953 Korea was the scene of a very hard war, which caused over two million deaths and the destruction of a large part of the country. The cause of the conflict was the division of the peninsula along the 38th parallel, decided in 1945 when the Soviets and the Americans put an end to the Japanese occupation. From 1948 in the south a bloody civil war began between communists and nationalists; after the defeat of the insurrection, the communist army crossed the border on 25 June 1950, relying on the military weakness of the adversary. Two days later, however, the United Nations authorized the intervention of a multinational force to restore the status quo. The Americans provided the bulk of the fighting troops and managed at the last minute to stop the North Korean advance. On September 15, 1950, General Douglas MacArthur, head of the UN forces, launched a lightning-fast amphibious counterattack that led to the liberation of Seoul and the expulsion of the North Koreans from all over the south. But – convinced that he could reunify the country – Mac Arthur ordered his troops to reach the Yalu, which separates Korea from Manchuria, ignoring the signs of possible involvement in the conflict of the People’s Republic of China. Mao Zedong made it clear that he would not tolerate an American presence on its borders without reacting; at the end of October, nearly 300,000 Chinese soldiers advanced into Korea, counterattacking the UN columns by surprise, which suffered heavy losses. At the end of November, the 1st Marine Division was surrounded by 60,000 Chinese near the artificial lake of Chosin in the Taebaek Mountains. For two weeks the Marines struggled to survive in temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero, eventually managing to break the encirclement and escape to Hungnam Harbor. The war would go on until July 1953, without a real winner. On Rai Movie “The secrets of Brokeback Mountain”, a film directed by Ang Lee For the cycle “Il Vizio del cinema”, tomorrow at 21.10 on Rai Movie (channel 24 of digital terrestrial) will be broadcast “The secrets of Brokeback Mountain” , a film directed by Ang Lee with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Wyoming, 1963. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist are two young herdsmen hired as shepherds on a ranch at the foot of Brokeback Mountain. Between the two born a relationship of friendship and comradeship that soon becomes a love. The end of the summer and the assignment brings young people back to their usual lives. Both marry and build their “traditional” families. Years later, Ennis receives a postcard from Jack informing him of his visit to Wyoming. The two meet and decide to continue to see each other in secret for a long time, faithful to their great love. Taken from the short story “People of Wyoming” by Annie Proulx, the film won the Golden Lion at the 62nd Venice Film Festival, 4 golden globes and 3 Oscars in 2006, one of the most serious railway accidents in the history of Italy. It is June 29, 2009 and it is almost midnight. A freight train, with fourteen LPG tanks, enters the Viareggio station at 93 km per hour. It is in direct passage to the South. Suddenly it derails and a tank is damaged. The flammable liquid escapes. The train jumps into the air. In an instant it is a fiery hell that envelops everything: houses, cars, people. In the twenty-fifth episode of “Ossi di Seppia. The noise of memory ”, from tomorrow at 12 exclusively on RaiPlay, Daniela Rombi, mother of one of the victims, recounts those dramatic moments. “A Pompeii in Viareggio with people overwhelmed and stopped by the fire as they were.” Thirty-two victims burned alive while they were safely in their homes. The program recounts those events that have characterized the last thirty years of Italian history through the testimonies of those who lived it. In all twenty-six episodes a thread intertwines the past with the present and merges precisely into the unthinkable, into that something that no one would ever have imagined could happen and that instead ends up completely upsetting our existence. An emotional and immersive serial story, aimed at Generation Z and the Millennials, an antidote to curb the loss of collective memory. This is the main objective of the series produced by 42 ° Parallelo for the public service OTT platform. In each episode the memory of yesterday is recovered, through the images of the Rai display cases and the archive photographs, and reconnected to today thanks to the story of exceptional witnesses, protagonists at the time of the events. Rubini who wanted him in the film “La terra”, Samuele Cavallo will be a guest of “It’s Now Or Never”, the program by Gino Aveta, broadcast on Rai RadioLive tomorrow at 1pm. The multifaceted Italian artist is known to the public for being among the protagonists of the long-lived soap opera “Un Posto al Sole” where, since 2009, he has entered the role of the very nice singer and assistant cook of the Volcano, Samuel Piccirillo. After the official entry into the world of acting thanks to the role of Sergio Rubini’s son, Samuele Cavallo wanted to deepen his studies and get closer to the world of theater, especially musicals, in which he can combine all his passions. “It’s Now Or Never” can be listened to at the link www.radiolive.rai.it, or on RaiPlay and on all digital devices.

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