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The Vibrations: “We are not the Maneskin of the year after in Sanremo, rock but with double the age”


“We are not the Maneskin of the following year, in Sanremo: it is true that we are the only band this year present at the Festival and that we make rock music, but it is also true that we are twice their age and have existed for a few years in more…”. The Vibrations reject the label that wants to associate them with the winners of the last edition, in their fourth participation. “We understand that this reference may seem inevitable but for us it doesn’t make much sense, it is at least an understatement, both for us and for the Maneskin”. “This return to the ‘Sanremo Festival’ represents a good omen for our band, it means starting over from a new starting point after these two years of hiatus, even with all the sore points of the case”. Among which, the positivity to Covid of the maestro Beppe Vessicchio who will have (or should …) direct the orchestra for their performance in the competition. “We hope that he becomes negative in time. He is always ‘positive’, he is always ‘peace and love’ and for us he represents a security. If this is not possible, a substitute indicated by the teacher will direct us and therefore we will still be in good hands”. The Sanremo song, entitled ‘Tantissimo’, “has a psychological profile – explain Le Vibrazioni – It is a love song according to an unaltered concept; we often struggle with memories, with the scars that continue to haunt us or we remove them , which is worse. The sufferings remain and wear away but our passage urges us to confront and face these scars before they turn into monsters from which we cannot free ourselves. ” At the Festival, they swear they “have no particular expectations, also because the risk is that they will always be disappointed. Our only expectation is to perform at our best on stage: we have a devastating desire to play!”. (By Enzo Bonaiuto)



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