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Director Pisano: “The Uno Bianca gang reveals a world upside down”


“My direction of ‘La banda della Uno Bianca’ was entirely designed to highlight the most disturbing aspect of the criminal events that bloodied Emilia-Romagna and the Marches between ’87 and ’94: the upside-down world that it manifests itself continuously in the plot of events and in the lives of all those involved “. Claudio Pisano, director of the two-part docuseries ‘La banda della Uno Bianca’ broadcast tonight and tomorrow on the History Channel (Sky channel 407), tells AdnKronos what struck his attention the most in this war between cops-delinquents and policemen seven years long and what therefore inspired his directing choices. “The more I studied the whole story in detail – says Pisano – the more an upside-down world emerged, not only the more macroscopic one of policemen who were at the same time perpetrators of crimes and murders, but also the world of those who wrote letters on paper with one hand. love of great romanticism and with the other he killed on the asphalt, as was the case with Fabio Savi “, the only one who was not part of the police force compared to his brothers Alberto and Roberto, and also compared to the others members of the gang, Pietro Gugliotta and Marino Occhipinti, both policemen. That same Fabio Savi, whose kind and gallant ways had so deeply involved Eva Mikula, a sixteen-year-old struggling with a difficult life between poverty and violence, as to induce her to follow him to Rome, leaving Hungary. This upside-down reality is always the fil rouge of the docuserie and always in function of this disorienting aspect Pisano has decided to use a particular visual technique and music that dissonant with the drama of the story: “Just to make the world go upside down that I perceived the The series was literally shot upside down. All the sequences in which the Uno Bianca arrived were shot with a technicality that allowed me to rotate the frame by 360 degrees. And so the images of the Uno Bianca are often a head down: the world turns upside down while the Uno Bianca runs “. And music, as underlined, also performs the same task:” Although it is a drama, everything has been characterized by music that counteracts those emotions of suffering and cruelty, like an emotional upheaval. That’s why they are the soundtrack to some very dramatic hit scenes of that period like ‘Sweet dreams’ by Eurythmics and ‘November Rain’ by Guns n ros ex. Or again, while the attack on the Rimini Celle Coop is staged, when a security guard is killed and a girl wounded by 7 shotgun buckshot (who in the docuserie, now an adult and survived with those 7 pellets embedded in her bones, will be interviewed ) the background music is that of ‘Jingle bells’, the cheerful Christmas song. And this – explains Pisano – because she wore the clothes that had been given to her for this holiday and also imagining the music on the radio listened to by those who were about to commit those brutalities “. And then a last sad acknowledgment of this event at reverses Pisano shares it by focusing on three points: “The prosecutor who really managed to take the members of the white Uno gang, after it is not known how many attempts and illusory captures, Daniele Paci, was paradoxically warned by the CSM, finding himself there. pedal record of his career stained, rather than a commendation for having fulfilled his duty and being able to solve a case that no one had been able to solve in many years. For the policemen who assisted Luciano Baglioni and Pietro Costanza in his work, no career advancement and only a commendation. Eva Mikula, beaten and threatened for almost a year by Fabio Savi and the gang for fear that she might speak, was the only one to be the subject of as many as 7 criminal trials, while no trial was opened for the wives of all the others in the gang. , taking into account that Eva Mikula was decisive for the capture of the whole group “. A story upside down from top to bottom in which the perception of the violent acts committed of which the gang” even seemed to feel proud is upside down. ” Eva, who is 55 years old today, is the leitmotif of tomorrow’s second and final episode, while Fabio Savi’s testimony is not in the docuseries because it was not possible for him to take part in the series as an interviewee. For him, as for his brothers are now approaching 30 years of life imprisonment after which often in Italy conditional release is triggered What will happen?



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