At the Slaughterhouse Tilda Swinton gives new life to Pasolini’s costumes

A diaphanous Tilda Swinton gives life to the costumes of Pasolini’s Decameron. It is a taste of the performance ‘Embodyng Pasolini’, signed by Olivier Saillard and the British actress starting from 40 costumes designed by Danilo Donati for Pasolini’s films, which tomorrow will be staged in absolute preview in the spaces of the Mattatoio, and in streaming. on www.romaison from 6 to 10 pm and visible until June 27th. Raggi, ‘with’ Embodyng Pasolini ‘Rome is confirmed as the city of the restart’ – ” With this project Rome is confirmed as the city of the restart. It is a moment of great international revival and we do it within a place, the former Slaughterhouse, with a timeless artist like Tilda Swinton and a curator like Olivier Saillard to represent how our past, our culture and identity can go back to being current ”, said the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi presenting the project. ” With ‘Embodyng Pasolini’ – he added – Rome unites its identities, great cinema and fashion, the highest tailoring which instead of remaining in an archive becomes a living laboratory. We are back to the roots, from which we want to start again and look beyond. We begin to pay homage to Pasolini one year after the centenary of his birth, Rome is ready for next year to host a series of events and exhibitions to remember this extraordinary artist. As a city we must look to the future, covid has taught us that creativity is the key to revolutionizing our society and creativity also lies in taking back our roots and our identity. I thank Tilda and Olivier Saillard for creating something magical starting from the roots of cinema and fashion ”. Tilda Swinton ‘Rome city without beginning and end’ – ” It is a project that started ten years ago and the reason is Rome ”, said Tilda Swinton. ” We chose Rome because it is a city that I consider without beginning and without end. I met Pasolini thanks to the work I did for my first film ‘Caravaggio’ by Derek Jarman and he introduced me to ‘The Gospel According to Matthew’. Pasolini’s work is timeless, for me it is a great honor to work on anything that concerns Pasolini ”. Saillard ‘Pasolini embodies the path of solitude as an artist’ – ” I have a great admiration for Pasolini as a director and also as a writer, he embodies that path of loneliness that is typical of the artist and of art, ” said Saillard. ” It is a project dedicated to both Pasolini and Danilo Donati because he has created extraordinary costumes. With Tilda walking through Rome, an extraordinary city, we remember how beautiful it is to swim in this land of customs ”. The event is part of the Romaison program, a project dedicated to the relationship between costume and fashion, wanted by Raggi, with the organization of Z├ętema Progetto Cultura and curated by the fashion historian Clara Tosi Pamphili.

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