Sanremo, Morgan: “Victory over manager Bugo, extortion charge filed”

Morgan, dismissed the proceedings for attempted extortion after the lawsuit by Bugo’s manager. ” Following the hearing of opposition to the request for dismissal of the criminal proceedings against Marco Castoldi, aka Morgan, for attempted extortion, initiated through a lawsuit in April 2020 by Soave as the Tetoyoshi di Bugo record company and owner of Mescal, the Gip of Alessandria shared the defensive arguments of the lawyers of Castoldi pronouncing the dismissal of the proceeding ”. This is what Rossella Gallo explains to Adnkronos, one of Marco Castoldi’s lawyers, aka Morgan, who defended the singer together with the lawyer Leonardo Cammarata. “The investigating judge – continues the lawyer – found the non-existence of the crime of extortion in relation to the contractual proposal that had been sent by the managerial staff of Castoldi to Soave two weeks earlier for the regulation of the economic profile for the artistic collaboration of Morgan with Bugo in Sanremo ”. “Today I won in the lawsuit against the manager of Bugo – Morgan rejoices in a post on his Instagram stories – who in addition to not having paid me a cent for the song made in duet with the artist, accused me of extortion because my lawyer had given him a regular contract for my work. Obviously the court agreed with me, Morgan. ” For the lawyers Gallo and Cammarata it is necessary to clarify: “After the Sanremo affair – they tell – Soave started a criminal action and then a civil action. Fifteen days before Morgan’s participation in Sanremo, his managerial staff and his lawyer who deals with contracts had sent to Soave, via Pec, a proposal to regulate the economic profile (expenses, remuneration) for Castoldi’s participation in Sanremo. Proposal categorically rejected by Soave ”. “Despite the refusal of Soave (the record manager di Bugo, ed), the two continued with the artistic collaboration and participation in the singing competition “explain the lawyers of Castoldi, highlighting that” if you think that I have extorted you, you sue me immediately and interrupt any relationship with me of collaboration. Castoldi declared from the beginning and in particular in the Sanremo week that he had been denigrated, ghettoized, badly treated and verbally offended by Soave and his team. So Morgan, as the investigating magistrate also notes in the filing measure, did not modify the text of ‘Sincero’ to take revenge for not having received the money, as instead claimed by Soave ”. But the legal matter does not end here because in a note released yesterday by MescalMusica, which has Bugo among its artists, we read: the Civil Court of Milan ” accepted the urgent appeal brought against Morgan by Curci and Tetoyoshi, as publishers and co-authors of the work ‘Sincero’. According to the Judge, Morgan’s modification and deformation of the literary text of the work ‘Sincero’ violates the economic rights of the publishers of the work and the moral rights of the co-authors ”. by Morgan of the literary text of the opera ‘Sincero’ both during the evening of the Sanremo Festival on February 7, 2020, and through the dissemination of performances of the work with the modified text on his social profile Instagram – continues MescalMusica- The Court then ordered Morgan to remove such illegal content from his Instagram page, ordered him to cease future associations of the ‘Sincero’ work to the modified and deformed text and ordered a penalty against him for any violation of these provisions’ ‘. “We need to clarify – the criminal lawyers of Morgan explain – the civil action is different and distinct from the criminal one and the attempted extortion filed in favor of Morgan, although both pertain to the same affair (Sanremo, ed). Sanremo, the team of Soave and Bugatti, aka Bugo, started a civil action for damages against Morgan, property and non-property. They argue that the Sanremo affair, where Morgan modified the first eight lines of the text of ‘Sincere’, it led to a disqualification and this would have even damaged both the record company, both the publishers and Bugatti. In reality, the only ones who benefited from this whole affair are them, certainly not Morgan ”. civil case is still standing and the hearing will be held in September – continues the singer’s civil lawyer, Livia Lo Giudice Semeraro – so everything is still to be decided. The only real thing is the urgent appeal. Without that they have done for the removal of the video with the modified text of ‘Sincere’ that Morgan has posted on his social profiles. The Judge ordered Morgan that he will only have to remove the video from his social networks and prohibited him from posting other similar ones in the future ”, he concludes. (By Alisa Toaff)

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