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Pingitore: “I talk about Covid Italy at the theater, between vaccines and ‘unemployed’ virologists”


“The emotion is there, I can’t deny it. I’m back on stage with a new show, entitled ‘If the bench spoke 2’, where I tell, as you can imagine, the epic of Covid, the vaccine, the controversy . I think there will be laughter “. Thus the maestro Pierfrancesco Pingitore tells Adnkronos about his return to the scene after the forced stop due to the pandemic, with a show in which he lays bare the crucial aspects that Italians have experienced in this year and a half. “It is the continuation of a show that we inaugurated last year -explains the director and theatrical author- and that had remained a few days. Now we have updated it according to recent events in our country, and you can imagine what they are “. The show, which will be staged at Villa Massimo in Rome, where Michele la Ginestra has organized a festival “in which we too are included from June 30 to July 4”, says Pingitore. Which reveals: “It is a show of strong relevance and also of variety, all centered on a public bench in a park where various characters meet. Lovers, boyfriends, people who argue, vaccinated, unvaccinated, unemployed virologists”, he jokes. To give some examples: “One of the meetings on the bench is between two vaccinated with different techniques that each claim the goodness of their vaccine – he explains – but there is also the meeting of two unemployed scientists who can no longer appear on television, and also an award entitled ‘How dirty are you Rome’ which includes some Roman citizens who have the largest pile of garbage under their house, complete with the intervention of the mayor Raggi “. The team is made up of the team that represents the ‘hard core’ of Pingitore’s work: Martufello, Manuela Villa, Morgana Giovannetti, Federico Perrotta, Valentina Olla and Alessandro Tirocchi. The sets and costumes are by Graziella Pera, the music by Edoardo Simeone and texts and direction by Pierfrancesco Pingitore. In the show there will be a sort of circle among all the characters with a sort of vaudeville, of “Sant’Antonio’s chain of sex and of love, where there is the lover of one who is in turn the lover of another, and so on “. The famous author and director recounts the emotions of the return to the scene: “I’m fine and I’m very happy, but also calm – he tells us – because it’s true that we haven’t been on stage for a year, but before I did fifty so that’s enough ” vaccinated ‘, it is appropriate to say. Even if the emotion is always there “. Especially thinking about how much time has passed since the beginning, from that first evening in which the stellar career of Pingitore began: “When the lights went out for the first time in the cellar in via di Panico, back in 1965, the first sketck that we had written and at the first laugh we felt in Heaven: we understood that we could be authors “, is the director’s memory.



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