• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

Drusilla Foer: “Berlusconi al Colle? A funny thing”


Jan 15, 2022

“Berlusconi at the Quirinale? A witty thing. I think it is a symbolic and anthroposophical act; I find it hard to believe that one can do it with conviction, but it probably escapes only my logic”. Drusilla Foer, the next co-host of the Sanremo Festival, thus intervenes on Radio Capital’s Tg Zero on the upcoming election of the Head of State. “In Draghi I trust – continues the actress – a decent person. I got this habit from my father: I try to trust those who work”. And he adds: “I am optimistic like my mother who when my father told her: ‘this Mussolini does not convince me too much’ she replied: ‘dear, if it doesn’t go well they will change him!'”. On the next Sanremo Festival Drusilla Foer has no doubts: “I won’t wear high heels, at my age I risk my life going down those stairs, I’ll play my femur! But I won’t wear ballet flats – he points out – which are shoes that make me horrified and make me nervous . In short, if I manage to climb that staircase I will have climbed over! “. Finally, thanks to Amadeus, artistic director of the festival: “He made an act of audacity by choosing a subject discussed and not accommodating like me, I hope to reward this audacity in the best possible way”.