• Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Sanremo festival ‘puritan’, only 6 bad words in 25 songs even if the nuns …


Jan 14, 2022

In the texts of Achille Lauro, Noemi, Emma, ​​Mahmood and Blanco, Dargen D’Amico, Representative of the List All in all, among the announcements in the titles of “chills”, “casual sex” and “chemistry” in love, the texts of the songs turn out to be almost ‘puritanical’, at least letting the ‘naked’ (to rhyme on the subject) talk about statistics: out of 25 songs competing at the Sanremo Festival, there are only 6 ‘bad words’ … not wanting to count the double as bad language ‘confession’ by Ditonellapiaga and Donatella Rettore: “I don’t care about modesty, I totally give a damn about the nuns”, which would bring the total to 7, one of the two ‘sacred’ numbers together with 3 … Lovers of the genre can count on a “fuck” by Achille Lauro in “sinful cities” for “dangerous women” where “love is an overdose”; on a “bitch” in self-definition by Noemi (“I’m that bitch who won’t change for you); on Emma’s alternative” bitches “(” we are saints or whores “) and on the metaphorical ones of Mahmood and Blanco (” sorry if I send all to whores “); on an exhorting” fuck it and dance, to stay afloat “by Dargen D’Amico; and, just to make ‘good weight’, it can be added in the repeated” bye bye “of the Representative of List those “with the ass” that are added to the more innocent hello “with the hands, with the feet, with the head, with the chest, with the heart, with the eyes”. To each his own … bye! ( by Enzo Bonaiuto)