• Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

Sanremo 2022, Amadeus: “Fiorello and Maneskin? Maybe! And we will pay homage to Carrà and Battiato”


Jan 14, 2022

Last ‘break-in’ of the car of the Sanremo Festival. And the ‘mechanic’ Amadeus takes the opportunity to express his last wishes-invitations addressed to his friend Fiorello and the Maneskin triumphs of the last edition. “Fiorello in Sanremo? Maybe! For him my doors are not open, they are wide open!”. As for the Maneskins, “let’s hope!”. Remaining in the field of hypotheses, there is also that of a third sporting parenthesis, after those that first saw Cristiano Ronaldo and then Zlatan Ibrahimovic as protagonists: “A sporting parenthesis, relating to the present or even to the past, could always be there”, the conductor and artistic director leaves the door open to the hypothesis. Among the certainties, there is instead the homage to two great artists who have recently passed away, Raffaella Carrà and Franco Battiato, and to another in the tenth anniversary of his last farewell, Lucio Dalla. In truth, there would also be a fourth great artist, namely Milva; but at the moment nothing prepared. “A tribute could arrive on the evening of the covers, if some singer in the competition chooses a song she interprets, otherwise we will think about it …”. Having chosen the five presenters who will support him in the five evenings from 1 to 5 February, Amadeus rintuzza in the bud every possible controversy about the presence of Drusilla Foer, aka Gianluca Gori: “He is an intelligent, ironic, much loved character. For Drusilla Foer as for Ornella Muti and Sabrina Ferilli, Lorena Cesarini and Maria Chiara Giannetta, I started with the intention of pay homage to five actresses, both from the world of cinema and theater and TV drama “. ‘Telelombardia? If he doesn’t take me, Checco Zalone puts a good word to Telenorba … ‘No problem even about any resentments on the part of Telelombardia, called into question by Checco Zalone and his joke about the fact that after having invited him to the Festival, Amadeus will no longer have a future at Rai and at most it will be able to go to the local Lombard broadcaster … “Checco Zalone assured me that, if Telelombardia doesn’t want me either, he puts a good word in for the Apulian Telenorba … but I hope to stay in Rai on as long as possible. “He does not have an ideal podium of winners, in his mind, Amadeus. “Maybe during the Festival I’ll play with myself trying to guess …”. And also on the covers he states that “we are still working, it is a work in progress: however, we have decided to extend the temporal space also to the nineties, especially for the younger ones”. Returning to the tracks in the competition, “they are very radio songs and I hope they go on the radio as much as possible”. In the meantime, they will listen to each other on the Sanremo stage, until late at night, “trying to close before two in the morning”. Perhaps also for the relief of the public at home and in the theater, certainly for that of the journalists in the press room … (by Enzo Bonaiuto)