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Fabio Volo: “A new life is a different way of thinking and seeing things”


“My father baker told me, the oven is the conscience. If you have done well and with commitment, the oven tells you so. And still today with my eleventh book and the same anxieties as the first, I think this way: I worked well and I reassure myself, even before the judgment of the critics and the public “. Fabio Volo, who with “A new life” has been ranked first among the best-selling books for weeks, tells Adnkronos about a success that runs as fast as the Fiat 850 spider protagonist of the latest novel. “I’m fine, I eat dark chocolate in a coffee mocha for three: I need it to reflect on difficult questions”. And he says: “A new life in this period of ‘non-life’ is a different attitude towards the life you have, an alternative way of thinking, of living a relationship. I constantly ask myself if the life I am living is the one I want. live, if there is another one I would like more. Personally I have a new life almost every year, sometimes even less “. And indeed a lot has changed since Fabio Luigi Bonetti singer, who later became Volo from one of the songs sung by him, to the Iena which for three years conducted the most irreverent program in Italy 1. Today, having abandoned the black suit for twenty years, is a writer and radio host with millions of copies sold and listeners ready to download his contents to listen to them offline overseas.He, from Bergamo and astrological sign of Cancer, emotional, sensitive and introspective, does not even know that he is a kind of guru for many twenty-year-olds inside, now almost forty. “It’s not something I do voluntarily – he explains – I don’t take the responsibility of being a point of reference, I think this happens because I’ve never been interested in entertainment, which I consider only a vehicle to be able to communicate things. In my radio program, for example, I start fooling around to attract attention, and then put a message inside that interests me. Those who follow me know that in any case I always try to communicate something “. Fabio Volo, who invents stories by putting emotions into them. completely autobiographical, he tells of his father, the one to whom his son in “A new life” wants to buy back the Fiat 850 spider he had sold to surprise him, what “is in everything I do, even in the coffee I have just drunk – he explains – I wrote a book that talked about this tormented relationship with him, absent for work reasons and because he had not been given the tools to express emotions, a father who for d I love you irmi used to say to me ‘I’ll mount the shelf’. It was ‘The time I would like’. When he read it he called me saying he was moved, he wanted to apologize, I gasped, I replied that no, that it was a novel, a fictional thing, but he replied that he knew how to distinguish real things from fiction, because there was. From there a breach opened that gave us the opportunity to start communicating. I was lucky that we had told each other the things we had to tell each other before he died. And Fabio Volo, what father is he? “In this bad moment, I forgot to put the iPad in my son’s backpack – he jokes – With my children I am a friend, a new generation father but also a male father, I am not strict but I consider myself right. I do respect myself, but I do it for them not for me. I do not spoil them and I do not punish them, I play with them but I remind them that I am the father “. Eleven books, a constant success and never that feeling of feeling without ideas? “Writer’s block, when it comes to you for the first time is panic, because you don’t know if it’s a block or if you have nothing more to say. Now I fight it by going out, eating an ice cream – says Volo – I close the pc, I do not let myself be humiliated by the blank page, the more serene I am the more it comes back. It is as if I were an antenna that detects when it is well prepared to do so. And when it happens I write notes, thoughts: once – he says – I had a thousand notes, handkerchiefs, now I use the notes on the phone or I make myself a vowel: I have many of those vowels that I don’t even understand. Then when I read everything I get an idea of ​​the material I have and I start writing a reflection that takes shape. I don’t think I have a method. When I sit down I don’t remember how I wrote the other books before. “Is there a page you are proud of, one you would recommend to your most beloved reader? “There is a book called” The extra day “, the protagonist says’ I expect everything, I expect nothing, I open a bottle of wine alone at home, I eat on the ground, I am free and despite this freedom every now and then I feel the need to have a man who does things for me and not because I don’t know how to do them but because it’s nice that someone does it for me ‘. I would have liked that kind of woman so I put her there “. by Silvia Mancinelli



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