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Sanremo: the bishop “blesses” Drusilla: “It will be a new lady Coriandoli”


The bishop of Sanremo ‘blesses’ Drusilla Foer, the first ‘en travesti’ character who will take the stage of the Ariston alongside four women who will take turns on stage in co-conducting with Amadeus at the Sanremo festival. “I do not know in detail the man who is behind Drusilla – Msgr. Antonio Suetta said to the Adnkronos – but frankly it would seem like a stretch to argue with this choice. I know Mrs. Coriandoli more and I think that Drusilla will be a bit after all. like the likeable and best known character of Maurizio Ferrini. Then it is not even said that this character makes ideological propaganda because there are so many artists who disguise themselves without passing on a gender message “. “Belonging to the world of theater and art in general, the artist of Drusilla – argues the bishop of Sanremo – does not give me the idea that his character has an ideological or propaganda connotation. Then we should know the intentions of who he chose it. In this climate in which this type of arguments is often recurrent, it is not even so strange to think that such an artistic figure is wanted to give voice to other messages “. versus. There are those who see in Drusilla a sort of ‘compensation’ for the failure of the Zan bill. “I believe that the speech has no proportion – notes Bishop Suetta – because while the Zan bill refers to the concrete life of people who in various daily situations express certain types of needs or sensitivities, here it is simply an artistic fiction. a character sewn on does not mean in itself that this person is the bearer of instances of that type. Even though he does not know him. Think of the Maneskins: they are almost all dressed as women but they are not bearers of this type of message. It is also a theatrical game. nice”. Luxuria hoped that Drusilla could pave the way for us in the future for a trans in the co-management of Sanremo. “His reading seems excessive to me, as drawn, but it would be equally excessive to plant a controversy about Drusilla. Then, of course, it will depend on the message he will pass”, says the bishop of Sanremo who defends the genuineness of the artistic character. Finally, a thought about the Italian song festival still in the pandemic phase: “SanRemo is a purely television event, all the measures adopted for the shows will allow the event to be held. Of course, as has been pointed out by some sectors, in particular the commercial world. , the fact that this event is closed in the Ariston penalizes the impact on the city a little, but in compliance with the rules we go on “.



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