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TG5 turns 30, Mentana: “Proud that this date still makes sense”


TG5 “for me is like a beautiful house that you have built. Then, as happens in life, you change your house, but the wonderful memory of having built it, launched it, of having lived there for a long time remains”. This was stated by Enrico Mentana who – on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the date of the first broadcast of tg5, which will occur tomorrow, January 13 – entrusts AdnKronos with his personal memory of the news program he himself founded in 1992. “I am there I was at the helm of that news for 13 years -remember Mentana- And when you give birth to something, you find the name, the theme song, the conductors, the editors, you make all the choices, it is obvious that you feel it for a period as deeply yours. Then, as happens to every parent, in the meantime the creature has a life of its own and it is good to detach “. Mentana, now director of the news of La7, is very tied to that period, which he defines as “unrepeatable”. “Bringing one of the greatest national news programs out of nothing, from the laying of the first stone, is something that I was absolutely lucky enough to be the only one able to do in Italy, together with Sposini, Carelli, Parodi, Mimun, Buonamici and others, and I did it at 36, when today we are almost starting to work, it is evident that I will always carry this with me “, he explains. Even if the world, says the journalist, has totally changed. “Everything has changed – Mentana observes – Technology has changed, the world is all different. To be clear, tg5 was born with Cossiga president of the Republic, Andreotti president of the Council, Tangentopoli has not yet been there, they are still alive for a few months Falcone and Borsellino. History and the world have changed. Our work is the representation of changing reality, and in 30 everything has changed and the way we tell stories has also changed. It is impossible to go back “. So we change, but “it is nice that 30 years after this date it still makes sense. Things disappear in the sea magnum of information, but nobody can ever take this away from us”.



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