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Tg5 turns 30. Mimun: “Cohesive drafting and free the winning card”


On 13 January 1992 Tg5 was born. At 8.00 pm, the first news program of the Mediaset networks immediately challenged, directly, the Tg1 of the state TV. And the public immediately perceived the novelty: clarity, speed, more news and fewer political pastons. A success that after 30 years has never lost its charm and character: Tg5 is still today the Italian news program most followed by the active public. In the 8.00 pm edition it is the leader with a share of over 20% of the commercial target and over 4 million viewers. “Directing Tg5 is a great privilege, but also a great responsibility – says Clemente J. Mimun, director of Tg5 – I have a duty to continue to make a complete, objective, important news program that gets great ratings. But we also have the will collective to represent a free, agile newscast with a modern language, in line with what we imagined 30 years ago, when we revolutionized television information “. At the basis of the prestige and large numbers of Tg5, for its director it is” the ‘commitment of a cohesive editorial staff that has always worked in complete freedom, with the absolute support of Mediaset. In these 30 years, Tg5 has had only three directors: Enrico Mentana, Carlo Rossella and I. Continuity is an element of great strength compared to the news channels that changed director every 2-3 years in the same period “.” I have been working since 1971 if possible with more will and determination than 50 years ago – says Mimun – I am aware and proud of the fact that no one has me gave nothing and that I did a long and very hard apprenticeship. I had a lot more fun being a journalist than a director. As director of Tg2, Tg1, Tg del Parliament and Tg5, in these 27 years I have produced about 100,000 television news, 2-3,000 specials, a thousand extraordinary editions and the face-to-face between Berlusconi and Prodi who with 16 million listening remains the most followed political program on Italian TV “. The editorial line” remains the one I have been following since 1994: ‘inform without boring’ (formula dear to Enzo Biagi) and ‘facts separated from opinions’ (historical choice of the legendary director di Panorama, Lamberto Sechi) “, he explains. And Auditel seems to agree with him: according to estimates, the share of TG5 exceeds 20% in the morning and at 13.00, while at 20.00 it reaches 20.4% of the commercial target, with over 4 million listeners and 6 million contacts, spectators who watch at least one minute of TG5. The ranking of the first 10 editions of national newscasts on the commercial target always sees Tg5 excel: the three editions are in the first three places of the ranking Tg5 is the news Italian ario most followed by the active public. Even in the comparison with the competitors broadcast at the same time, the data are comforting: at 8.00, 13.00, 20.00 in all direct comparisons, always on the 15/64 target, Tg5 prevails by a large margin.



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