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Lorini (Anec): “The equation between more vaccinated and more people at the cinema is not obvious”


“In theory, the number of people who, being vaccinated, can enter a movie theater is now higher, with the introduction of the compulsory vaccination for the over 50s. But I would be very careful not to draw such a precise equation”. Mario Lorini, president of Anec, the national association of cinema exhibitors, expressed prudence, after hearing from AdnKronos on the introduction of the vaccination obligation decided by the Government. “First of all – Lorini reflects – the public must find the right time and mood to decide to leave the house and go to the cinema, like the theater or a concert, regardless of whether they are vaccinated and in good standing. with all the measures foreseen. And so far, a drop in ticketing from 100 million per year on average to 25 million for 2021, beyond the capacity now reported to 100%, shows that it is not at all easy to return to the habits of the past: on the contrary, the collapse of the audience is vertical “. Furthermore,” those who have not been vaccinated so far have decided it well knowing that they would have to give up seeing a film, attending a theatrical show or listening to a concert: these are people who we could define ‘resistant’ for ideological reasons or for fear or distrust and I do not think that their first thought is to get vaccinated and go back to the cinema, among other things with the ban on drinks and with the obligation to keep the mask for all the time of the pro Injection … I obviously hope that any measures that are adopted, such as the mandatory vaccination requirement for over 50s, will contribute to promoting a return to normal social life and normal interpersonal relationships: we still live in a time of suspension .. . “. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)



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