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Sparks between Asia Argento and Francesca Fagnani after interview with ‘Belve’


Asia Argento lashes out against the journalist Francesca Fagnani, after her interview with the ‘Belve’ program, broadcast on Rai2. The thrill master’s daughter during the show also admitted to having used drugs, but when asked about the reasons for not reporting to producer Harvey Weinstein, the actress replied visibly annoyed: “ I did not report him because he had fallen on prescription and twenty years ago I didn’t do it because I didn’t want my career to end and I didn’t want to think of myself as a raped girl. ” At that point the journalist pressed her asking: ” So there was also a career? ” Sparking the ire of Argento: ” Change the subject! -he said- do you know why I didn’t report it? Because I would have ended up talking to people like her, a tignosa and rompip … e ”. ” They cut my answers after I told her ‘rompip… and, tignosa’ – writes Asia on her Instagram stories – I added: ‘You are one of those people who ask raped women: how was she dressed? Why didn’t she run away? He could have said no… ‘. I also told her I didn’t have to answer her because she wasn’t a judge. ” ” To talk about such delicate topics it would take at least a bit of preparation, of journalistic ethics – concludes Asia – Over and out “. But Fagnani’s reply was not long in coming: ” Sorry that Ms. Argento projects on the program his frustration with unwelcome questions or unanswered answers (free to do so). But sometimes it happens. Patience. ”



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