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Piparo: “Closed theaters and fewer replicas, but at the Sistina sold-out with more controls”


“From many parts of Italy I get news of closed halls, canceled shows, replicas halved … we at the Sistina are instead recording a sold-out after another: I believe it is also thanks to the strengthened security and control measures that apart of course, we adopt the high quality of the shows offered and a renovated and refurbished theater “. To underline this at AdnKronos is Massimo Romeo Piparo, artistic director of the Sistina theater in Rome, the temple of Italian musicals and musical comedy, with 1,500 seats in the stalls, where ‘Mamma mia!’ with the mythical music of Abba. “For example – continues Piparo – we have introduced an identity verification system with respect to the green pass: a measure that the public shows to appreciate, many have told us ‘good!’ and no one showed signs of impatience or even less protested, on the contrary … We were told that they should entrust us with vaccination hubs! “. They could be called Abba vaccinali, given the show now on stage … “True, that’s right”, laughs Piparo. In addition, continues the artistic director of the Sistina, “to reassure the tenitura of the shows we have organized a double cast, with paid people but who stay at home and remain ready to fill the roles of those who leave the scene because of Covid hit, And the ‘titular’ cast, including the protagonists such as Conticini, Muniz and Ward, is leading a monastic life, practically a sort of voluntary and self-imposed lockdown, having understood that the only way to continue working in peace is to create a ‘bubble’ to avoid the possibility of contagion as much as possible “. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)



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