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Serena Brancale pays homage to Pino Daniele with ‘Je so’ pazzo ‘feat Richard Bona


Serena Brancale pays homage to Pino Daniele and the South with the song ‘Je so’ pazz ‘. From January 14, the single on the ‘Isola degli Artisti’ label is available in radio rotation and on all streaming platforms, the cover of one of the Neapolitan musician’s masterpieces created by the singer and multi-instrumentalist with the collaboration of Richard Bona. A single that ‘blesses’ also that “holy madness that saves us from the monotony of life and that for a moment, in the music, allows us to see the world with a different light”, a reinterpretation enriched by ancient sounds, of Soul type. A song between past and present that anticipates the artist’s third album. “The first musical idea that we shared with my producer for the construction of this third album was to include immortal songs by Pino Daniele – explains the artist about the choice of the new release – ‘Je so’ pazzo ‘was the first song that I imagined with a different groove, almost to deviate from the Italian sound referring to an ancient Africa. In the last part of the construction of the song I took courage and contacted those who I never thought I’d know in life: Richard Bona, a artist who has always sung in his language like Pino Daniele, bringing his tradition to the stage in a pure and authentic way like our Neapolitan “. The official video clip of the song sees the entire sequence of images in black and white with Serena Brancale singing her ‘Je so’ pazzo ‘, letting herself be carried away by the groove of the piece and the notes of the piano that she herself plays. In the second part of the video, images of Richard Bona appear in a recording studio singing his “idea of ​​madness”. The video of “Je so ‘pazzo’ tells Brancale,” was conceived in black and white, in the studio, in the old way. We recorded the guest’s voice on a very hot July day in Pescara, simultaneously creating the backstage of the collaboration . In a second moment we mixed Richard Bona’s inserts with a tight piano and voice video at the Isola Degli Artisti studios. With a text so rich in meaning and incredibly current, I did not imagine a didactic video, but something dry, where the importance is given to music “.



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