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Cefalà inaugurates the Fresu Tuk Classic, from the crisis of perfection to piano playing with the heart


A pianist who plays and tells Bach in prisons. And not only. A special pianist. It is Maria Cefalà, the musician who, thanks to a significant ‘hitch’ in her race for executive perfection, has understood what her desire to play really nourished, beyond the goal of excelling. It was the inflammation of a nerve, occurring after graduation, just as she was about to enter the heart of her concert career, that forced her to stop completely for three years. “A blessing! – the artist chosen by Paolo Fresu to inaugurate the Tǔk Classic tells Adnkronos – Forced to stop, I was forced to reflect more deeply on all aspects of my piano activity, to realize that being the best, faster, than responding to the expectations of the academic world and of my teacher that I cared a lot about, was precisely what had made me sick. stupid and embrace the concept that I felt was more right for me, more harmonious with my interests “. And Maria Cefalà opened up to this interior change, while at the same time she was also walking the path of physical healing thanks to which her life as a pianist began again becoming very concrete when the Ukrainian Anna Kravtchenko, icon of world pianism, discovered and valued his love for the German composer, defining the Bach di Maria ‘all’italiana’. This is how the ‘Discovering Bach’ project took shape which now inaugurates Fresu’s Tǔk Classic, a section of Tǔk Music, the label he founded in 2010 and dedicated to classical sounds. basic choice: bringing music where you need to touch the sky: a tour of five Italian prisons (San Vittore in Milan, Torre del Gallo in Pavia, Canton Mombello in Brescia, Poggioreale in Naples, Piccolini prison in Vigevano) where Maria gets involved by telling with irony the parable of renunciation and rebirth of a music lover who goes beyond the usual, but also by telling the life of Bach, “shared through his very high, platonic compositions and also through pieces of his story of a husband who has lost his first wife, of a father with 20 children to support, one of whom is mentally retarded, the life of a man, who is often gruff, who has also experienced prison “. The relationship between Paolo Fresu and classical music has always been intense and fruitful: it is a relationship that has developed over the years with reinterpretations of the repertoire of Bach, Handel, Monteverdi, Rossini and Bellini and with collaborations with Mario Brunello, Giovanni Sollima, Virtuosi Italiani, the Solisti Veneti and the Perugia Chamber Orchestra, to underline the affinities that exist between classical and jazz. Driven as he is by an inexhaustible curiosity and attracted by unusual challenges, with the publication of ‘Discovering Bach’ by pianist Maria Cefalà to be released on January 28 on CD and digitally, Fresu therefore inaugurates the Tǔk Classic, section of Tǔk Music, the label he founded in 2010 and dedicated to the sounds of classical music. The trumpeter’s passion for the Baroque period is well known and it therefore appears natural that to inaugurate the new section of the label there is a reinterpretation of Bach, but it is also significant and consistent with Fresu’s artistic path that the chosen artist has an approach singular and not at all orthodox. The album cover is a work created ad hoc by the American artist Neal Peterson and is the graphic reworking of an autographed score by Bach. The subsequent works of the Tǔk Classic, as happened with the Tǔk Air, will follow the same seriality using the ‘urban mandalas’ of the Cities series by Peterson himself: since 2015, in fact, the artist visits different places and photographs their details (architecture, public art, vegetation), then digitally combines them to compose these circular textures. Maria Cefalà’s recording project takes shape with the recording at the Besostri theater in Mede in the province of Pavia. (By Veronica Marino)



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