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‘Piraterie 2, la Vendetta’, the second collection by the sociologist Pira


The second edition of a text “PIRAterie” arrives on the last day of 2021 in all Italian bookstores and online. This time the author, Francesco Pira, with great complicity from the independent publisher, Antonio Liotta, patron of Medinova, wanted to transform the good PIRAta into a very bad PIRAta, with a very angry face that already from the cover (a work by the Palermo Master Nicolò D’Alessandro, also author of the previous ones) able to tell what happened in our tiring “social daily existence”. “There is a really funny anecdote that I want to tell about this book – explains the author Francesco Pira, associate professor of sociology of cultural and communicative processes at the University of Messina, essayist and journalist – when we talked about the cover with Maestro D ‘Alessandro and the publisher Liotta asked me for an image in which I was particularly angry. But I never found it. And therefore it was very difficult to alter the characters to make me an angry and very ugly PIRAta on the cover “. The author wanted to dedicate the book to what he defines as his cousin-brother Ugo Grillo who died at the age of 50, struck down by a terrible disease. Piraterie 2 LA Vendetta ideally resumes the path left that Pira had temporarily concluded in 2018. And that it is not a replica, but a vertical and multifactorial analysis, the seven sections, into which the book was divided, highlight. According to Professor Francesco Pira “Leafing through the pages you can then realize how this text speaks about us. For several years we have been suffering from the fragmentation of the information system. This has produced the result that the media are, in fact, transforming themselves into mere mirrors of society even in its worst aspects. A drift that the advent of social media has exacerbated and that the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic has further complicated “. Thus, a further pandemic was generated, that of disinformation, capable of sharpening the dynamics of polarization, which by their nature oppose the processes of democratic participation. Thus, despite the “infinite” number of information that each of us can to have access, the tools and spaces that allow a real and continuous participation of citizens in the development of democracy are being reduced. “Social Networks have become the most used medium. With new codes and new languages, it’s true. But by now, face-to-face relationships are truly relative. And if the first hope was that we will be better after Covid 19, at the moment the certainty is that the difficulties are many. Certainly we must avoid simplification – argues the author – from the distortions of technological determinism: this is the great challenge to go beyond the era of post-truth and the models of identity construction that it is imposing. And this is what you, albeit in a light way, arousing the smile, that bitter laugh of those who know – unfortunately they understand – and I would like you to feel the ethical responsibility to intervene “. As the Director of the newspaper” La Sicilia “explains in his preface, Antonello Piraneo, director of the newspaper where PIRACIES are hosted every Sunday in the cultural pages: “the snapshots of real life that Francesco Pira offers in his” pieces look like scenes from a film in which each of us certainly sees himself again especially as regards the dysfunctional relationship with new technologies and social networks. It is a sometimes veiled satire, sometimes shrewd and pungent, but never irreverent, as it has a didactic purpose “. In the post-faction, the teacher and journalist Cristina Graziano underlines how: “today more than ever we need to promote the value of the person, of which we commit ourselves to take care in order to contribute to the shared construction of paradigms open to novelty and to give life to new things, to a language of truth, beyond stereotypes … And Prof. Pira, as a sociologist and journalist, does this on a daily basis also with his PIRAterie, which leverage the therapeutic power of the word, with the conviction that what makes the difference must be this renewed awareness stirred up and spoken in the daily life of each one, because as adults we have the moral obligation and social responsibility not to replace the young, but to give them the tools to face the becoming as protagonists, deliberately and stubbornly becoming its creators “.



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