• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

“I’m not selling Giorgia Meloni’s book”, Roman bookseller explains her choice


May 8, 2021

“Mine is an ethical choice, I don’t sell shoes or clothes, but books. And by selling books, through books I’m interested in telling what I believe in”. So Alessandra Laterza, the owner of the bookshop ‘Le Torri’ in the popular Roman district of Tor Bella Monaca, explains to Adnkronos why she chose not to sell Giorgia Meloni’s book, ‘Io sono Giorgia’, published by Rizzoli in her shop . A choice made explicit by Laterza on her Facebook profile where she posted the photo of the book by writing: “I am a bookseller and I don’t sell this book! I know choices, mejo bread and onion, how to feed this type of publishing … at work, mine is independent! “. “Opening a bookshop in Tor Bella Monaca does not respond to the need to sell only books – explains Laterza – but also to tell a form of civil resistance. If Meloni’s thought does not represent me, I do not see why I have to sell her book and put it in showcase, is a choice that also comes from my feeling: I try, through books, to tell an inclusive world, different from that of certain political propaganda “, underlines the bookseller who explains how in her shop, the only bookshop born in 40 years in the popular district on the southern outskirts of Rome, “not only do we sell books, but we try to provide other services, such as workshops for children, music and book presentations with debates”. There is a clear desire to “tell of the stories “, says Alessandra Laterza, specifying:” Not that politics does not enter my library, the last presentation made is that of the volume that tells the story of Aurelia Sergi Petroselli (‘Story Of An Italian Girl. A urelia Sergi Petroselli ‘by Gaetano Buscemi, ed), with the participation of Walter Veltroni and Roberto Morassut. On the 19th we present a book by Cristiana Alicata and Alessandro Zan will participate. It will be an opportunity to reflect on the Zan bill against homotransphobia, in which I believe. I confess – he says – I am closer to the left and right wing propaganda on certain issues does not interest me. They accused me of having censored Meloni’s book, but it is a wrong accusation because censorship is something else. I just don’t sell it in my library, anyone who wants can easily buy it elsewhere. Do you – he observes – always find the sweets you like at the bar downstairs? Not me, the bar I go to doesn’t sell them. Now – he laughs – I sue him … “. And he concludes:” I believe that bookstores must be like the literary cafes of the past that were used to make people think. My bookshop is like a Literary CafĂ© in Tor Bella Monaca, it wants to make you think “.