• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Ddl Zan, Gullotta: “It’s civilization, but the citizen’s right doesn’t give a damn”


May 8, 2021

“You cannot pretend that the Zan Bill is useless, that it is useless, as the right does to please your electorate. The Zan Bill is civilization. It is a law that the country needs to protect itself from homotransphobia and instead the right does not other than using slogans. He talks to his stomach, but only pretends that he cares about the citizen. ” Leo Gullotta underlines with Adnkronos the importance of the bill proposed by the dem Alessandro Zan and points the finger at the way of doing politics of the right. Read also “The right-wingers don’t care about making the country grow and so they resort to clich├ęs and strategies: before they were jackets, now they are all diversified masks – Gullotta is critical – but the point is that the right have no plans and only do constantly campaigning. He doesn’t give a damn about the citizen. “As for the controversies on May 1 and the Fedez-Rai case,” Fedez’s letter on the stage of the Concertone was right, perfect. And he did well to clarify something he had suffered. expressing himself freely with education and civility, informing the public as a citizen, where on the other hand there was one thing that should not exist in 2021 in a public service and that is the censorship that, even if silent, in our country so democratic, alas, there has always been, hidden, Masonic “, he denounces to the Adnkronos a modus operandi, precisely censorial, which in his opinion would not be new in Italy. “As a citizen – remarks the actor – he felt the need to clarify something he had suffered before going on the air. It is not possible to accept that someone decides what you can say and what you cannot say. I can only be next to Fedez”.