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‘Soul of Rome’, Carolina Vincenti’s book to discover the soul of the capital


Nov 30, 2021

A garden at sunset where you can listen to music. An extraordinary terrace where to eat a carbonara. An ancient basilica for a special mass. These are just some of the experiences to do in the capital suggested by the new book ‘Soul of Rome’ by Carolina Vincenti, published by the international publishing house Jonglez, available in Italian, English, French and German. The book, presented today in the spaces of Le Serre by Vivi, is a special guide to enjoy Rome at 360 degrees, to savor the extraordinary normality and exceptional everyday life outside the traditional tourist routes. “I’ve been talking about Rome for years. I walk with foreigners sharing its beauty with them, explaining its uniqueness, and inevitably, after talking about antiquity, early Christian churches, Renaissance frescoes, Baroque statues, we end up becoming a little more friends. Then the practical questions begin, those that will make their stay more ‘pleasant’ “, says Carolina Vincenti, presenting the book. “They ask me where to eat, where to sleep next time they come back, but what they ask me most is where to grasp the Roman spirit, the soul of Rome. Then I start drawing up long lists on pieces of makeshift paper”, he continues. The ‘special guide’ “is a list of Soul places, a musical genre that I love. It contains places of rest after culture. Of lightness after fatigue. These 30 experiences are the places that have preserved the spirit of the city, from discover after paying tribute to great beauty, art, monuments “. “For us Romans they may seem obvious, but for the foreigner they are a precious viaticum to enjoy the city. You will not find the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain there but places to stop lightly, places to laze around, Roman activity par excellence”, he says again. .A few examples? “A garden at sunset where you can listen to street songwriters under the pines of the orange garden, an ancient basilica to listen to a sung mass, an ice cream maker still an artisan. O-an idea to bring home something Roman and unusual like a notebook handmade with Federica’s wonderful precious papers or cardinal’s socks “. And again: “A place to run or take a walk like the Stadio dei Marmi”, perhaps before climbing “one of the terraces of Rome where you can be blinded by the sun and the domes”. “I thought of a guide for subtraction, choosing fragments of the soul that survived uniformity and mass tourism. I also wanted to put a vintner where you can drink a glass of wine leaning on a car, the second-hand dealers who empty the wardrobes of damazze romane, the innocent biscuit factory with a neorealist flavor where the mistress puts a variety of biscuits in a bag to munch in front of the decapitated Santa Cecilia, a few meters further, or in front of the ecstasies of Bernini’s Blessed Ludovica Albertoni, in via San Francesco a Ripa “, he says, illustrating the ‘menu’ for body and soul. “These are the 30 experiences that we Romans have every day, which are not secret to us and which make us happy, like eating a piece of pizza by the slice in Campo dei Fiori or going around the market stalls in San Teodoro on Saturdays and Sundays” . “I like to think of these places as small islands, where to land to steal the magical and poisonous soul of Rome as the magnificent poet Valerio Magrelli would say, to whom I leave the word in a few moments and whom I interviewed as the poetic soul of the city together with Fulvio Pierangelini, also a Roman, chef of unparalleled talent, a cook that I would define as seductive beyond all measure. While I was working at the guide, the lockdown occurred and some places I had chosen closed forever like the magnificent Roman hat factory with the his mannequins but most of the places have resisted and we are here tonight to hope they survive and to choose others “, he concludes.

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