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Del Debbio and Giordano stop on TV? “No service orders yet”


Nov 30, 2021

“On the websites they wrote that Mario Giordano and I stop for too long, but I haven’t received the service order yet …”. Speaking, guest of ‘Un Giorno da Pecora’ on Rai Radio1, is Paolo Del Debbio conductor of ‘Dritto e Rovescio’ on Rete4, who according to rumors should stop for a long Christmas break from 9 December to 27 January, together with colleague Mario Giordano presenter of ‘Fuori dal coro’ also on the Mediaset network. The reason for this long pause, according to some, would be to be found in the fact that the program would ‘blow’ on the fire of the No Vax and therefore more moderate broadcasts would be preferable. “I do not look at anyone, the no vaxes attack me violently very often, lately even on WhatsApp. I took the third dose, I am absolutely in favor of the vaccine – reports Del Debbio – I have a debate and to do it you need to be two, you don’t he can do a talk show with a single voice. I make everyone talk but then everyone at home gets his or her opinion. I do this, if they don’t want me to do that, someone else does, there are many presenters in Italy “. But it could be it likely that Berlusconi, approaching the race to the Quirinale, desires more moderate information for his networks? “I’m not at all worried about this eventuality. I don’t want to know anything, I’m doing my job. The intentions of President Berlusconi do not concern me – replies Del Debbio – If this long stop were to be confirmed, it would be unnatural because it usually ended in mid-December like everyone else and it started again after the Epiphany “. As for Berlusconi’s chances of being elected President of the Republic, Del Debbio says: “I don’t know, I think he is the person who believes most. I haven’t heard from him for some time but they told me that he is there. he believes a lot. What my broadcast has to do with his eventual elections at the Colle escapes me anyway. “

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