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Felts in Labor: “No-vax have broken intelligence”


Nov 26, 2021

Vittorio Feltri would also “advise” children, or one of his nephews, to get vaccinated and would introduce the obligation to vaccinate. The editorial director of ‘Libero’ thus replies, speaking with AdnKronos, to the statements of the director of ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’, Marco Travaglio, who said to ‘Otto e Mezzo’: “If I had a child I would not vaccinate him even if point a gun at me. I would wait for them to vaccinate at least a few hundred thousand more first. ” Feltri immediately criticized the no-vaxes and bluntly underlined: “I have the impression that the no-vaxes had an intelligence breakdown from an early age that they never repaired”. “If there is no vaccination obligation – Feltri argues – it is useless to discuss. They are years old. Nobody knows anything about the effects it can have on them. Many say there would be no effect, while others say to wait. I would recommend doing it, a piece of advice certainly not an order “. As for compulsory vaccination, Feltri argues, “I don’t understand why they say it’s unconstitutional. When I joined the military in 1964, for example, I was forced to conscript. And when I arrived at the barracks they gave me compulsory injections. I must say that, however, they also did me good because I didn’t have a cold for two years. Was the barracks also unconstitutional? “” On me – continues Feltri – I had all three vaccinations and if I would do the fourth. The experience we have makes us understand that the vaccine is a protection, it is not the passport to immortality. You can also die with the vaccine, but if you do it you are less likely. to do is this “, he concludes. (by Carlo Roma)

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