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Corinne Clery: “Returning to the theater is like coming back to life!”


Nov 24, 2021

“You cannot leave the theater, it has been my love for 21 years: for me it is emotion, it is life. And in this difficult moment, it is like a friend or family member, who cannot be left in time of need. if I was really scared .. “, the actress Corinne Clery confesses to AdnKronos. And at the theater, precisely at the Manzoni in Rome from tomorrow to 19 December as well as on New Year’s Eve, the French artist now naturalized Italian returns, flanked by Enzo Casertano in the comedy ‘The money, no!’ by Flavia Coste, with Maria Cristina Gionta and Roberto D’Alessandro, for the r egy of Silvio Giordani. With Enzo Casertano it is the first time together on stage: “And I hope it will be the first of many other occasions – hopes Corinne, who now lives in a farmhouse in Tuscia, surrounded by greenery – because he is a wonderful actor and a very funny workmate. , pulls laughter at all times: we are really close-knit! And then – he reiterates – the emotion that the theater gives me is not comparable to that of cinema “, for which she was involved in the latest film by Federico Moccia. “Also because I am a loner and this character is compensated every evening by direct contact with the audience at the theater”. As for the comedy, “the moral is to pay attention to too much money, because instead of solving all the problems they risk creating others. even serious ones, in a sick society “. It is precisely the fear that takes hold of the protagonist, who when he realizes a sensational win at SuperEnalotto is tempted not to collect it, refusing the kiss of the Goddess Fortuna, fearing not being able to manage the inevitable wave of contradictory emotions that winning could generate in his daily life and in the relationship with people, caressing the thought of continuing in his life as always. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)

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