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Art, exhibition dedicated to Dudovich inaugurated at Palazzo Aeronautica


The exhibition “Marcello Dudovich at the time of the Aeronautical commission: 1920 – 1940″ was inaugurated today in Rome, at Palazzo Aeronautica, which will remain open to the public until Sunday 11 July and will see exceptionally exhibited in the historical rooms of the institutional headquarters of the Force Armed over two hundred works by the Trieste artist and his collaborator Walter Resentera. The exhibition is part of the initiatives organized by the Air Force on the occasion of the ninetieth anniversary of the Palazzo Aeronautica, inaugurated on 28 October 1931. Documents, photos and memorabilia from Italian public lenders and collections will also be gathered for the first time at Palazzo Aeronautica. and private, and it will be possible to admire some of the wall paintings that the famous painter and poster designer created from 1931 to 1933 in the rooms of the then Ministry of Aeronautics. The rediscovery and restoration of these murals, which have so far remained hidden from the public, was possible thanks to the virtuous collaboration between the Air Force and the Special Archaeological Superintendence of Fine Arts and Landscape of Rome. “The exhibition is certainly a strong and explicit sign of rebirth and a return to normal life, to the rediscovery of moments of culture, of the promotion of our values ​​and our riches”. Thus the Undersecretary for Culture Lucia Borgonzoni at the inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the painter and poster designer Marcello Dudovich at the Palazzo dell’Aeronautica. “Dudovich – explains the undersecretary – especially in the large advertising posters posted in squares, newsstands and city streets, is known for his ability to stage current images and daily stories revisited in a modern key. The great restoration of his pictorial cycle, which took place in constant dialogue with the Special Superintendence of Rome, within the setting of the Air Force Building – continues Borgonzoni – is the desire to further enhance the whole great history of aeronautical culture ” . “History, style, modernity and innovation: values ​​that represent a perfect synthesis of this exhibition, as well as of the building that hosts it, in which today, after 90 years, Marcello Dudovich returns with renewed class, refinement and elegance” declared the Head of the Air Force Staff, Air Squad General Alberto Rosso, on the sidelines of the inauguration. “The Palazzo dell’Aeronautica is one of those few cases in which an exhibition container fits perfectly permeated into a harmonious systemic order between space, the works on display, the history, the men who wrote it and the public ”. The exhibition represents an ideal journey between the places and the impulses of those years, which Dudovich represents in his works through the modernity of female faces that reach the collective imagination for their persuasive elegance, the stylized and fluid movements and for the shapes of the their brightly colored dresses. The exhibition will be open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in full compliance with the anti-Covid legislation, by booking on the website Aeronautica, on the occasion of his 90th birthday. , thus presents itself not only as an appreciated and original architectural complex, but also as a place of history, which still today collects the professionalism and mission of the armed force, its identity and its glorious past. An evocative and engaging building capable of arousing emotions not only among admirers of art and architecture, but also in those who want to observe and understand the faith in progress, aeronautical culture and the passion for the world of flight and aerospace. The Air Force periodically opens the doors of its own Palace, built in just two years by the young architect Roberto Marino commissioned by Italo Balbo and custodian of extraordinary architectural and pictorial works unique in the panorama of Italian rationalism.

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