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Morandi: “L’Allegria comes out tomorrow, Jovanotti wrote it for me”


“Tomorrow my new song comes out! A song that totally involves me and that gave me Jovanotti, one of the most innovative artists that I respect the most”. The announcement on social media is Gianni Morandi, who thus communicates to his fans the release of a new song after the serious accident in his hand some time ago. “A few months ago – says the Monghidoro singer – I asked him if he could write a song for me, a song like some of his, the ones I love the most, like ‘Lucky boy’ or ‘I think positive'”. Jovanotti didn’t have it repeated twice: “A few days after my accident with the fire, Jova called me and was very affectionate but I didn’t think she remembered my request and instead she said: ‘I’m thinking about it, you know … ‘Then, last Saturday, the big surprise, the piece arrived, I listened to it countless times and I started singing it to myself at my house. On Monday we were already in the studio at the great Pinaxa in Milan and tomorrow, in record time , is out!”. The song “is called ‘L’Allegria’, it is a beautiful piece, full of energy, I like it very much and it gives me a great boost to start again !!!”, concludes the singer. Jovanotti also communicated the news to the public, in turn, on social media. “Hold tight tomorrow the piece of the millennium comes out !!!! Then I tell you calmly, because now we are here to fine-tune the very last details to be out in a few hours. It’s the new piece by King Gianni Morandi !! !! “, writes the ‘lucky guy’ on Instagram, posting a photo that portrays him with Morandi. “What do I have to do with it? – continues Jovanotti – I wrote the song and we produced it together with Rick Rubin (in the shangri la studio in Malibu). It was born from a session there before the closing of everything, then during this last year it remained closed in a hard disc, without a definitive form, until the moment I made it listen to none other than Gianni Morandi who with his interpretation made it what you will hear from tomorrow “. “For me it is an immense honor to have written for one of the best ever, a legend for every generation, and a man from whom I learn something every second”, concludes Jova.



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