• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Achille Lauro, tough outburst via social media


May 7, 2021

“I don’t talk a lot, I don’t put my private life in the streets on social media. I don’t care and when it happened I didn’t like doing it, however in these days of strong controversy I realized that in some moments, instead, I should do it. I understood when they told me that the trick is to take possession of something that does not belong to me “. Thus began Achille Lauro’s hard outburst via Facebook and Instagram, in which the artist underlines how “for a comment referring to solidarity with show business workers they gave me homophobe, after years of calling me a ‘fag’ thinking of offending me ! “. “But makeup is not just makeup – reads the post -, it is the world where I want to bring people, it is my expressive will, it is the color and dress of words. I understood it when they humiliated me thinking that I is a clown who shows off “.” But in my artistic interpretation, music is not just music. that I was not free, or I was not up to par, is a consequence of years of humiliation and shame. I understood it when for a comment referring to solidarity with show workers they called me homophobic, after years of giving me ‘fagot’ thinking of offending me! “.” For years – writes Achille Lauro – I have invested money, time and commitment for the protection of human rights, for the rights of abandoned people in prisons, to help children in hospitals, for young people in communities, for those who do not have a home, for those who are or left without work, for anyone who needs help and to be the architect and participant, in my small way, of a revolution in which the social, cultural and human condition of the weak and discriminated classes can change definitively “. “For those who don’t know me I want to remember that I’ve been doing it since I didn’t have a penny, because I grew up among the marginalized and the outcast, because I know what it means to feel different, never understood, alone. When you are nobody to the world. My mother educated me by teaching me that helping others is a priority and for those who have the possibility it is a duty. Attention because reality is not only what you see on newspapers and TV, and behind those stories, very often, there are lives real made of suffering, values ​​and battles “.