• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

The Zoo of 105, fine of 125 thousand euros from AgCom for profanity


Oct 27, 2021

Maxi fine at the zoo of 105 for profanity. The AgCom has sanctioned the popular radio broadcast for using “vulgar and derogatory expressions aimed especially at women and homosexuals”. The Services and Products Commission (CSP) of the Communications Authority has sanctioned Radio Studio 105 Spa with a fine of 125 thousand euros (Resolution No. 183/21 / CSP) for the broadcasting of two episodes during the day of the program, as stated in a note from the Authority. The body “ascertained the violation of Article 34, paragraph 2, of the Tusmar which prohibits the broadcasting of ‘programs that may harm the physical, mental or moral development of minors and films that are prohibited to minors under the age of 14.’. of the two sanctioned episodes, which aired at the end of 2020, sexual allusions, messages of intolerance were uttered in a continuous and morbid manner, and vulgar and derogatory expressions were used aimed especially against women and homosexuals “. Agcom recalls that “the Radio 105 broadcaster had already been warned in the past by the Authority for having disseminated expressions with a highly disparaging content in violation of the regulation to combat hatespeech (Resolution no. 157/19 / CONS)”. Commenting on the resolution, the Commissioner rapporteur Elisa Giomi, sociologist of the media, said: “It is out of place to speak of the hyperbolic use of crude expressions or a mere sound element – as the representatives of Radio Studio argued in defense of sanctioned broadcasts. 105 – because the humorous register, in these circumstances, is an aggravating circumstance, it helps to create acceptance and social consensus around the language of hatred and contemptuous scorn. Likewise, the mechanism of obsessive repetition does not determine the loss of meaning of words, but on the contrary increases their harmful load and the potential for reproduction, as happens with the viruses that circulate the more they get out of control ”.