• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

Pippo Baudo: “Images of misfortune from my Catania city of the sun drowned in water”


Oct 27, 2021

“Painful images, with the water that even crossed the ‘a linzolu’ fountain at the bottom of Piazza Duomo and invaded the Arches of the Fish Market, with our lava stone elephant that almost seems to cry for help … Truly a misfortune!” . It is the emotion that Pippo Baudo gives to AdnKronos, commenting on the images of his Catania submerged by the water brought by the violent storm that broke over the Etna capital. “Unfortunately, the orography of the city does not help, because it is all downhill and the waters that swell then become unstoppable – explains the presenter from Catania – And I don’t dare to think about what may happen in the next few days that announce the possibility of even a hurricane … Crazy stuff, if we think that Catania is a city of sun and sea in addition to the presence of Etna “.” After all – he remembers – about the rain and eruptions, unstoppable phenomena, there is an old proverb Catanese who says ‘to water and focu give us locu’, that is, to water and fire make room because they cannot be stopped, there is nothing to do … “. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)