• Sun. Nov 28th, 2021

‘Trial’ by Kafka with Ruben Rigillo – Joseph K at the Teatro Ciak in Rome


Oct 26, 2021

While trying to get out of the Covid tunnel, there are those who enter a spiral from which they will not be able to extricate themselves: it is Mr. Joseph K protagonist of the ‘Process’ by Franz Kafka, one of the most significant and emblematic novels of the twentieth century, now adapted for the theatrical version that sees Ruben Rigillo in the role of the protagonist, together with Vincenzo Failla and Mario Scaletta under the direction of Anna Masullo, for a production by Ubik and Teatro Stabile del Giallo, on stage at the Ciak theater in Rome until November 14 , reopened after a year and a half of forced closure due to the pandemic. “If the theater is the mirror of society – observes the artistic director of the Ciak, Michele Montemagno – we could only restart, after a long period that we could define as ‘Kafkaesque’, with a cornerstone of the literature of the twentieth century that is very current, in which the protagonist is accused of an unspoken crime, arrested and forced to undergo an absurd trial for a judicial fact that becomes tangled in inextricable and paradoxical knots “. Montemagno explains that” addicted to months spent exclusively on television and digital platforms, we think it is essential to bring on stage a show that deals with important current issues concerning the human being, with a classic language of modern comedy noir, apparently a real legal thriller, which will keep the viewer nailed to witness the absurd events of Joseph K “. (by Enzo Bonaiuto)