• Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The embarrassment of the first meeting in the ironic single ‘Ah ha’ by Alessio Alba


May 6, 2021

‘Ah ha’ is Alessio Alba’s debut single and video clip, an invitation not to take yourself too seriously. On the Noise Symphony Music label the song is available on the radio from tomorrow 7 May. Distributed by Pirames International, ‘Ah ha’, produced by Andy Milesi and finalized by Francesco Tosoni, tells of the difficulty of speaking that often occurs in first meetings, the embarrassment of first appointments. An embarrassment that melts when you realize that talking is useless. “However, I tried not to write a text that only talks about my complicated relationship with girls on the first date (also because a 33 rpm would not be enough). I wanted it to be something more transversal to give a universal answer to those who don’t know what to say. , through the use of an exclamation – Ah ha – that is nothing (which is often better!) “, he says. The song, characterized by a refrain that uses the vocal synth as a substitute for words to surprise and amuse the listener, is inspired by the 80’s pop of ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggins, and by ‘Take on me’ by A-ha for rhythm and drums; from ‘Oh Superman’ by Laurie Anderson for the syllable Ah used as the rhythmic basis of the piece. Alessio, in particular, wanted to experience a more cheerful mood because he strongly believes in the power of music to lift morale, especially in this period. And that’s why he always tries to find an optimistic point of view even in songs with saddest themes, a glimmer of light at the bottom.The video that accompanies ‘Ah ha’, in which the protagonist is Alessio himself as a Mr. Potato from Toy Story, is rhythmic and playful, a deconstruction, like a puzzle for children. “When I listen to my songs – says the artist – I am always focused on the facial expression of the listener, because I am always interested in direct contact with the public. Even with the video I tried to find an idea that would bring a spontaneous smile to those who look at it “.