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Home, at the start of the first tranche of Imu refreshments to the municipalities


Oct 24, 2021

More than 6 million euros destined for Rome, 3.7 million for Milan, about 2 million for Bari. evictions. The first tranche, worth 34.5 million euros, was restarted on 19 October last. This is what emerges from the report produced by the local authorities study center (CSEL) for Adnkronos. Overall, just under half of the resources went to the north of the country (16,321,873 euros, equal to 47.4% of the total). The 4 regions of central Italy absorbed 27.3% of the refreshment points (9,437,210 euros), while the South and the Islands obtained 8.7 million euros, equal to 25.4% of the total. With another decree, please note, the remaining 80.5 million will be assigned, destined for the same purpose, for the current year. The resources will compensate for the lack of IMU income of local authorities, following the measures introduced by the executive that blocked the evictions and exempted the owners from paying property tax. 154 local authorities have benefited from this first tranche of resources, reserved for provincial capital municipalities and 48 non-capital municipalities with over 60,000 inhabitants or with a population equal to at least 60% of that of the provincial capital. By far the largest sum was sent to the Capitol: € 6,083,296 were allocated to Rome. Followed by: Milan with 3,071,576 euros, Bari with 2,062,190, Turin with 1,876,102 euros, Genoa with 1,336,097, Naples with 1,274,162, Bologna with 1,101,165 euros and Florence with 1,004,415. The amounts allocated to the 17 Lombard entities benefiting from the refreshments, which obtained 6.5 million, were slightly lower. Followed by Emilia Romagna with 3.5 million, Puglia with 3.3 and Piedmont with 2.8 million. At a short distance, Sicily and Tuscany, with 2.1 and 2 million euros, and Campania (1.8 million). All other regions are below one million, the only one excluding Trentino Alto Adige in its entirety. BLOCK EVENTS – The blockade of evictions cost the municipalities about 115 million euros. It is the result of the measures introduced during the Covid by the government, which, in order to protect the most fragile subjects in the most critical phase of the pandemic, froze evictions and sloggi for more than a year. “Shortages that have a heavy impact on the coffers of the municipalities, especially those in which the housing emergency is particularly serious, and which should be compensated for”. This is what emerges from the report produced by the Local Authority Studies Center (CSEL) for Adnkronos. For the stop ordered by release measures adopted between February 28 and September 30, 2020, the stop ended last October 1, recalls the Csel. For those attributable to the period between October 2020 and 30 June 2021, however, the block will instead be in force until 31 December. To buffer the emergency, on the tenant side, the endowment of the ‘Fund for non-guilty defaulting tenants’ was quintupled, bringing it to 50 million euros for 2021 (compared to 9.5 million in 2020) and the audience of those who can access it, also including those who have had a sharp decline in income linked to the lockdown. On the lessor side, on the other hand, ” in order not to further penalize the subjects who had already been forced to the impossibility of materially returning to possession of their properties, despite the validation of eviction for arrears, the support law decree bis provided for the zeroing of the Imu 2021 ”. For those who had already paid the first installment, it was possible to request a refund. EVIDENCES COLLAPSE – The evictions carried out in 2020 collapse, as a result of the measures introduced by the government to protect the most fragile subjects in the most critical phase of the pandemic, including the blocking of procedures to send away tenants who do not pay rent. Based on the latest data from the Interior Ministry, 32,536 eviction orders were issued last year, about 16 thousand less than in 2019, which closed with 48,543 procedures. The numbers, according to the CSEL, ” could surge after October 1. Being aware of the blockade, it is in fact easy to imagine that many owners have decided to wait before embarking on (costly) paths, which they knew would necessarily have run aground, given the impossibility of enforcing the eviction validation orders ”. The Study Center points out that ” in many cases, according to what trade associations such as Favor debitoris report, the landlords have sought ways of individual conciliations, understanding humanly the difficulties with which the tenants were facing ”. The latest numbers available show that in 2020, Lazio was by far the region with the highest number of eviction orders issued (5,512, equal to almost 17% of the total). Followed by Lombardy (3,904), Emilia Romagna (3,086) and Piedmont (3,031). Above 2 thousand Veneto, Campania, Puglia, Liguria and Tuscany. The Sicilian situation is also critical (1,636 evictions). The numbers of measures issued in the rest of Italy, on the other hand, are significantly lower, the remaining picture of which is this: Marche (790), Abruzzo (670), Friuli Venezia Giulia (632), Umbria (428), Trentino Alto Adige (399), Sardinia (360), Calabria (159), Valle d’Aosta (88), Basilicata (87) and Molise (37). Evictions physically carried out have always been significantly less than the number of those on paper. A fortiori, the gap was wide in 2020, given that the blockade entered into force in March. The number of those that became operational in 2020 is 5,270, most of which (821) in Lombardy, followed by Piedmont (603) and Emilia Romagna with (537). At opposite extremes, Valle d’Aosta, with 7 evictions carried out in 2020, Basilicata (9), Molise (25), Trentino (29), Calabria and Sardinia (65), Umbria (73) and Friuli Venezia Giulia, with 80. In between: Lazio (453), Tuscany (407), Liguria (392), Marche (375), Veneto (339), Campania (327), Sicily (302), Puglia (251 ) and Abruzzo (101).

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