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Pa, Brunetta meets trade unions: “first steps towards structured agile work”


Oct 22, 2021

Smart working in the public administration will have to be regulated through contracts and must necessarily find shared solutions with the trade unions. Meanwhile, the Minister for Public Administration Renato Brunetta today wanted to test the ground during a meeting, via video link, with the representatives of public workers by presenting the guidelines prepared by his department that anticipate what will be provided for in the contracts. “We think it is useful for the 32 thousand Italian administrations to be able to count on guidelines on smart working that anticipate what will be foreseen in the contracts. The regulation will take place through contracts. A great step forward towards structured agile work” said the minister who has asked the unions to send him their observations within 15 days. The unions have highlighted some critical issues but have generally expressed a certain availability with some distinctions. They also recommended the need for a “contracted management of this phase with the necessary flexibility with respect to the specificities of the individual administrations” to “avoid an ungoverned mass return” as underlined by the confederal secretary of the CGIL Tania Scacchetti who spoke of “first necessary step for the regulation of agile work in the public administration system “at the end of the meeting. UIL satisfied with Secretary General PierPaolo Bombardieri who comments:” we have achieved a good result: many of our claims have been accepted: from instrumental equipment and of the network to the right to disconnect and to the protection of personal data; from the right to training to the identification of the objectives of the service rendered in an agile way “admitting, however, that” there is still work to be done on this table with the Minister and, even plus, on bargaining ones “. The CISL “appreciated the desire to create an overall vision and therefore find solutions that necessarily pass through bargaining. Some aspects, however, – observed the Confederal Secretary of the CISL, Ignazio Ganga – do not appear well defined” because ” they do not grasp the necessary sensitivity towards workers who have often ensured with their own means and not insignificant difficulties the maintenance of productivity and the full functioning of the public machine during the pandemic emergency “. Hence the request for guidelines “shared and better articulated than those presented, and for this reason the CISL will prepare” a more detailed text “. Representatives of the CSE (Independent Confederation of European Trade Unions) expressed themselves on decidedly more critical positions of the Flp (Federation of public workers and public functions). “The scheme presents very strong criticalities, which will determine, if adopted in the proposed formulation, the abandonment of agile work in all public administrations due to the manifest impossibility of being able to ensure all the conditions enshrined in the Lines guide, as well as constituting an objective problem for the relapses that they risk having from the point of view of health security in a phase in which, unfortunately, the pandemic emergency is still present “. Hence the request” at least until 31 December 2021 “not to abandon emergency smart working, – emphasize Cse and Flp – the path we have proposed is here it to implement an effective gradual return in presence, maintaining the possibility of carrying out agile work up to 50% of the staff in service in public offices, providing the technological security conditions for remote access to applications “. With these guidelines, moreover, according to Cse and Flp, the minister “enters with a straight leg on the bargaining that is currently taking place in the Central Functions Section, with positions, among other things, still distant between the parties, establishing constraints also for all other sectors “. Shortly before the table Brunetta, participating in a conference at the INPS, announced that agile work “will be fully implementable from 31 January by the 32,000 public administrations” with the approval of the integrated activity and organization plans (Piao). Agile work, according to the guidelines, will have a “consensual and voluntary nature and is allowed to all workers (with full or part-time employment relationships and regardless of whether they have been hired with a permanent or fixed-term contract). “but it will be subject to certain conditionalities, starting with the fact that” only the internet connection provided by the employer can be used to access the applications of your institution “.

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