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NeuroMLab, incubator of future neurology, closes


Oct 22, 2021

Two years of change that, through the pandemic, have seen the emergence of new priorities and new models of health care: an unexpected path that of the two-year work of the Neurology management Lab (NeuroMLab), which closed today at the Sda Bocconi Campus from Milan. The project, the result of the partnership between Biogen and SDA Bocconi School of Management and with the aegis of the Italian Society of Neurology (Sin), is a real laboratory in constant evolution – reports a note – which involves the main players in the health system . In these two years, neurologists, pharmacists, nurses and directors of health structures have had the opportunity to confront and work together on different lines of research, bringing out points of view, needs and working methods to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s healthcare. Divided into four research areas, the works focused on key issues for the transformation of the neurological care system for chronic diseases with high complexity and large numbers. The analysis of the network of local services for Alzheimer’s disease, female leadership in the neurological field, the synergy of the neurology healthcare resource system and the use of digital technology were the issues addressed by the multidisciplinary teams. ” neurological includes chronic and highly complex patients and, although the pandemic we are experiencing has created enormous difficulties, it has also been the spur to activate a different way to deliver clinical services, also for the benefit of patients, in a perspective of greater proximity and with an increasingly decisive role of digital technology “, declares Gioacchino Tedeschi, director of the Neurological and Neurophysiopathology Clinic, Aou Luigi Vanvitelli of Naples and past president of Sin. “The two-year period of work that has just ended – he added – has been an active witness to the changes triggered by the pandemic, as well as an opportunity to reflect and work on management and organizational priorities and needs, with a view to the evolution of the neurological care system and development of new paradigms of care that are able to acknowledge and anticipate the developments underway at a scientific level and respond to the new needs of doctors and patients “. A change of pace: this is the message that emerges from the interventions held today by protagonists of this work path, who hope for an evolution of the neurological care system to make the territorial network of assistance more organized in terms of cohesion and collaboration between centers and professionals in the area, aimed at guaranteeing the patient the proximity and quality of The analyzes carried out within the 4 lines of research and the 2 workshops that involved the participants have evi highlighted the profound complexity of the neurological care system, crossed by important technological, diagnostic and therapeutic innovations, accelerated by the pandemic. To respond to this complexity – continues the note – the need has therefore emerged to find integrated answers to the needs of care, through the synergy between all the health resources involved, as commented Valeria Tozzi, Associate Professor of Practice of Government Health and Not for Profit Division at the SDA Bocconi School of Management. Technological innovation (therapeutic and diagnostic) is transversally crossing specialized disciplines (from the revolution of monoclonal antibodies to advanced therapies) and Neurology is the terrain of important innovations. “The synergy between actors and services – he continues – is one of the recurring elements. within the works of this two-year period, as well as digital or territorial organization with a view to the proximity of care. In general, all the research themes have contributed to shedding light on the many factors that contribute to the definition of treatment of assistance in the neurological field considering the challenges that the health system is facing and the frontiers of innovation in the neurological field. Themes that with the pandemic have assumed a leading role and which today are the protagonists of the ongoing health evolution “.” The neurological field – continues Tozzi – by its nature is faced with some of the most difficult ges challenges tional, because it is aimed at chronic patients with high complexity who take on increasing volumes and in this sense neurology can be an important test bed and working ground for the entire system. For this reason – she concludes – I am convinced that the experience of this two-year period has gone beyond specialist borders and has proved to be an effective incubator of analysis and ideas to better understand the transformation we are experiencing. “” Biogen considers research and innovation as the necessary fulcrum on which to base progress. The last two years, in particular – underlines Giuseppe Banfi, CEO of Biogen Italia – have represented an unprecedented challenge for health systems, a unique historical moment, which requires us to welcome change and enhance positive opportunities, both in the short term and in the long run. What we hope and what we will work for is that the NeuroMLab becomes more and more an incubator of ideas and a catalyst of new paths, capable of uniting all the actors of the ‘health system’ to work side by side with the aim of identifying the criticalities of the present and define priorities and solutions for the future “.

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