• Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Onorato Armatori: with Moby and Tirrenia Sardegna connected all year round


Jun 2, 2021

Moby and Tirrenia are confirmed once again as Sardinia’s best allies, for the whole year, and bookings on the Genoa-Porto Torres and Civitavecchia-Olbia are already open today until May 2022. The new industrial plan of Moby and Tirrenia does not provide for any type of subsidy, guaranteeing a perimeter of routes almost unchanged compared to the current one, with an always excellent level of service and with rates in line with those for territorial continuity even without the agreement with the Italian State. Therefore, the group underlines in a note, also in light of the outcome of the tender for Genoa-Porto Torres, Moby and Tirrenia believe that that route does not need public support and they prove it with facts. Therefore, to ensure territorial continuity and certainty of mobility for Sardinians, as well as to give the necessary reassurance to the territory that the Group has the honor of serving for 140 years, reservations are already open for those who have to reach the island. until May 2022, ensuring the same level of service required by the tender and with passenger fares in line with those provided for by the same, precisely because we are convinced that this route can be operated without the need for subsidies to shipowners. But, in addition to the Genoa-Porto Torres, which this summer will be further strengthened with day and night runs, Moby and Tirrenia also ensure further routes without any subsidies: in fact, since December the Genoa-Olbia line, a new line dedicated to goods, has been operated. just as the Naples-Cagliari line always leaves for goods, also without public contributions, a line for which another operator receives the state subsidy. And the Livorno-Olbia-Cagliari is also totally free of public contributions, a real highway between the continent and Sardinia for goods, which is operated by the “Maria Grazia Onorato”, the largest, most technological and green ship in the Mediterranean. Lastly, reservations open until May 2022 for the Civitavecchia-Olbia and the other lines will soon be bookable for the whole of next year, within a framework of routes served that remains virtually unchanged and without public contributions. The binomial between Moby, Tirrenia and Sardinia remains inseparable and even strengthens. Every day, every day of the year. And without public subsidies, the group concludes.