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Active and expiring bonuses: Isee, amount, how to request them


Oct 22, 2021

From spas to used cars passing through gas and electricity bills and disabled children. There are many active 2021 bonuses, here is the list: Isee, deadlines, requirements, amount. The 2021 earthquake bonus to renovate a property and issue it in static safety from the point of view of seismic events, is a specific facilitation, provided in Italy, which aims to incentivize the reduction of the seismic risk of homes, especially those present in some areas of the national territory. There are three groups identified, which in a decreasing way, allow access to a precise incentive that allows you to redevelop the entire property. payment of registration, mortgage and cadastral tax. And some more openings, such as the possibility of having the facility also for the purchase of garages, parking spaces, cellars or other appliances even with a separate deed, and some closures already in advance, such as the missing bonus on taxes concerning the contract. preliminary. The requirements for obtaining it.

Disabled children bonus 2021- Families with dependent disabled children who pay in certain income conditions can count on a new additional temporary aid, a contribution of up to 500 euros per month for three years included in the 2021 Budget law and the result of a decree signed ‘jointly’ by the ministries of Labor and Economy. This is a partially retroactive contribution: the application to be presented, in fact, must take into account the monthly payments not paid during 2021. Here’s how to get it. Theater and fashion bonus – Two measures arrive from the Revenue Agency with instructions to benefit from tax credits for both the so-called ‘Theater and Entertainment bonus’ and for the ‘Textile and Fashion’ one. In fact, instructions are ready to take advantage of the bonuses introduced by the Sostegni and the Relaunch Dl in favor of sectors particularly affected by the pandemic such as theatrical activities and live performances and that of textiles, fashion and accessories. Phone and internet bonus – Fixed, mobile and internet telephony: is there a bonus? There are discounts because the Authority for Communications (Agcom) has provided them, the Government has supported them and the operators in the sector have applied them, each in its own way lets laleggepertutti.it know. Agcom, with a resolution a few years ago, established new telephone facilities for the less well-off, a category into which, very often, the elderly and the disabled are included. They concern not only the landline or mobile phone but also the Internet connection. Let’s see what they consist of. Used car bonus – Those who need to buy a new car and intend to get a used one, can book the bonus that allows you to have a discount on the purchase of the vehicle from 750 to 2,000 euros. But the money allocated by the government for this operation is not infinite: it is 40 million euros. How does it work. Single child allowance 2021, or single universal allowance. How does it work? What is the amount? Linked to the ISEE, it should have started from 1 July 2021 but will only become operational from 2022: for now it is governed only by the framework law, which regulates its general principles and refers to subsequent implementing decrees the definition of the detailed regulations laleggepertutti.it. Economic benefit attributed to all families with dependent children, from the seventh month of pregnancy up to the age of 21, also for incapacitated dependent children, regardless of age.

2021 Eyewear Bonus – The 2021 Maneuver established the Vision Protection Fund and allocated 15 million euros for the next three years to help those who have to buy glasses. A real novelty, planned to help families who have very modest ISSEs and to protect their sight in this period of health emergency. The Bonus TV – Decoder, with a value of up to 30 euros, is a subsidy for the purchase of TVs and decoders suitable for the reception of television programs with the new broadcasting standards (DVBT-2 / HEVC) that will become operational starting from 2022, as well as for the purchase of decoders for satellite reception. The TV – Decoder Bonus is available until 31 December 2022 or when the allocated resources are exhausted and is reserved for families with ISEE up to 20 thousand euros. The overall allocation envisaged for the single fund for the TV scrapping bonus and TV – decoder Bonus is approximately € 250 million. Spa bonus – The discount, which you can benefit from by booking the spa services of your interest at a chosen establishment, will cover up to 100% of the service purchased, up to a maximum value of 200 euros. Any excess part of the cost of the service will be borne by the citizen. But who can request it? And when will it be active? Everything you need to know. Electricity and gas bonus 2021- Also in 2021, families in conditions of economic hardship will be able to benefit from a discount on gas and electricity bills. In particular, from 1 January 2021, this bonus becomes automatic for those who possess certain Isee and family size requirements. The value of the discount depends on the number of members of the beneficiary family.

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