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Coldiretti: “Food first wealth in Italy, worth 1/4 of GDP”


Oct 22, 2021

In 2021, food becomes Italy’s top wealth for a value of 575 billion euros and an increase of 7% compared to the previous year despite the difficulties linked to the pandemic. To outline the picture is the analysis of Coldiretti released on the occasion of the inauguration of Tuttofood, the World Food Exhibition that takes place at the Milan Fair in Rho until 26 October with the largest agricultural organization in Europe and the Italian supply chain present in one innovative space, in Pavilion 18 – L01-L25, where the first exhibition of inventions destined to revolutionize the diet of Italians was set up. And with a decisive turn towards sustainability in the most diverse areas, from the climate to the environment, from health to technology. In the second year of Covid, the tricolor agri-food chain has shown, Coldiretti notes, “a high capacity for resilience, with an increase in turnover that unites agriculture, industry and large-scale distribution, while catering is starting to grow again after a disastrous 2020”. The result is that “Made in Italy at the table is worth today – underlines Coldiretti – almost a quarter of the national GDP and from the field to the table, 4 million workers are employed in 740 thousand farms, 70 thousand food industries, over 330 thousand catering companies and 230 thousand retail outlets “. “A network spread throughout the territory which – explains Coldiretti – is supplied daily from the Italian countryside where stables, greenhouses and companies have continued to produce despite the difficulties linked to Covid, guaranteeing the supply of food products on Italian tables”. “At the base of the success of Made in Italy there is an agriculture that has become the greenest in Europe with Coldiretti – the EU leadership in the organic sector with 80 thousand operators, the largest number of recognized Dop / Igp / Stg specialties (316), 526 Dop / Igp wines and 5,266 traditional food products and with Campagna Amica the widest network of farmers’ direct sales markets “. The Belpaese, according to the association of agricultural entrepreneurs, “is the first EU producer of rice, durum wheat and wine and many vegetables and vegetables typical of the Mediterranean diet such as tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, fresh chicory, endives, celery and fennel. And also as regards fruit, it excels in many important productions: from fresh apples and pears, from cherries to table grapes, from kiwis to hazelnuts to chestnuts “.” The global emergency caused by Covid has brought out widespread awareness of strategic value represented by food and the necessary guarantees of quality and safety “affirms the President of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini in underlining that Italy” can count on a world-leading resource but must invest to overcome the present frailties, defend food sovereignty and reduce dependence on foreign procurement at a time of great international tensions “. “For this reason we have developed and proposed – continues Prandini – concrete projects in the NRP to promote food self-sufficiency and a decisive turn towards the green revolution, the ecological and digital transition. But to support the growth trend of Made in Italy food and wine. However, it is necessary to act on Italy’s structural delays and to unblock all the infrastructures that would improve connections between the South and North of the country, but also with the rest of the world by sea and high-speed rail, with a network of hubs made up of airports, trains and cargo “. A lack that every year, concludes the president of Coldiretti, “represents a damage for our country in terms of fewer export opportunities to which is added the higher cost of the” logistic bill “linked to transport and handling of goods”.

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