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Enterprises, Hannappel (Philip Morris Italy): “We need New Deal 4.0 of skills”


Oct 21, 2021

“What companies need today is to create a structured approach, a New Deal of 4.0 skills as we have called it, which connects universities, research centers, startups, large multinationals, small companies, making them collaborate together and creating structures that lead from teaching to the factory “. This was stated by Marco Hannappel, president and CEO of Philip Morris Italia, participating, via video link from the company’s production site in Crespellano in the province of Bologna, to a panel on skills and digital at ‘Digithon 2021’ the largest digital marathon Italian, online from today to Sunday. According to Hannappel, “without a doubt industry 4.0, which will go even further with 5G, has skills that are platform and others that are specific”. “For any type of industry, a platform means having the knowledge of how what is called intelligent manufacturing, the creation of instruments that connect the machines, create clouds to which the machines can be connected. Platform skills to which they are added. those of the digital world and digital industrialization “, he added. “In a research we carried out with Ambrosetti – the manager continued – it emerges that almost all the companies that responded to the interview consider those of intelligent manufacturing as the key success factor. This platform of skills is not completely available today. but patchy in some areas and therefore in some industrial districts and therefore are sector skills. And instead they must be structural and connected to each other “. And then we need the investments of the companies. “There are also the specific skills that each industry has, and I believe – he explained – that must be sought in the investments of companies in their continuous training facilities that can allow them to develop a constant innovation of knowledge on a personal level”. But our country, according to Philip Morris Italy’s number one, has several strengths. “I believe – he explained – that there is a lot to do in our country with very solid foundations in manufacturing. We are the second largest manufacturer in Europe and we are an example. The Crespellano plant was inaugurated in 2016, as well as a billion investment, and of the 650 companies that helped build this site 600 are Italian, because when you build new generation plants and machinery, it is possible to do it in co-design, multinationals with small and medium-sized enterprises. skills should not be sought only in a specific person but in an integrated supply chain that brings together the areas of expertise and leads to the growth of an entire generation of companies, personnel and technologies that are then developed in our country “, he continued. Training is central, Hannappel reiterated. “There is a need – he said – to have an engineer with a wider spectrum. This level of training must then be conveyed to a more specific level of training, because the machines are not all the same. This training we at Philip Morris we interpret with the type of investment that I believe many companies will make, creating their own training center, not an island in the sea but well connected to the mainland with many bridges. For us it will be a private institute of Philip Morris, not just physical, that we are creating the Alma Mater of Bologna here in Bologna, which collaborates in teaching with many external partners such as the polytechnics of Turin and Bari “, underlined the manager. So, ultimately, for the manager, in our country the need is to “work on a training process a little different than in the past, perhaps a little more German. By creating knowledge centers that start with ITS, it is possible to really work. We have projects with the Emilia Romagna Region to carry out growth operations also for ITS teachers “. For Hannappel, “to do in the Italian way is our way of working in the supply chain not only in the sale of products but also in training, to copy from the Germans there is the attention to the technical school on which we can improve a lot”.

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